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Take Heart Patriots & International Freedom-lovers: Momentum & Goodness is on our side

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

In a world full of “discouraging” news and ominous clouds, we should take time to tally and consider the positive developments taking place around us. The left-wing progressive/socialist lunatics and their mainstream media "arsons" would have you believe the fight is over and that freedom-loving patriots in America and around the world have capitulated to the forces of socialist evil. The arrogance of the progressive left and fake media could not be more wrong. The list provided, below, is simply a reminder that many good people around the world are mobilizing and have the ultimate advantage of superior intellect and God on our side.

The words of Benjamin Franklin should strike at the core of every person who values the notion of freedom and liberty that was bestowed to us by our forefathers – “Without the freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech”. Embrace the words of Benjamin Franklin in your fight to preserve every aspect of personal freedom and unalienable rights despite the nefarious forces and threats that surround us today. Please review the list below, embrace it, and build on it within your community of friends and family. If you feel there is something missing from the list, please feel free to reach out to me directly at Extremely American ( and I will be sure to factor your input into this organic list:

1. Freedom lovers and patriots around the world believe in God and our faith - this is an unassailable and undeniable advantage

2. Patriotic grass roots movements are forming in massive numbers around the world and are united

3. President Trump has not gone away and carries an energized following of more than 100 million Americans (not to mention hundreds of millions of freedom loving people from around the world)

4. Biden and the socialist DNC party have proven themselves to be disastrous for the well-being of America and the rest of the world in just two months of illegitimate leadership (add this to the long list of other socialist experiments that have failed over the past 150 years)

5. American patriots are connected to and are on the side of billions of people in second and third world nations around the world (especially those who are being perpetually oppressed)

6. In America, intelligent and courageous young leaders are emerging and are committed to leading the cause of freedom and justice in a pursuit to reclaim the American dream and respect for all people’s right in America and abroad

7. In America, the sinister nature of the left and the transnational globalists (Transnational Uniparty led by Schwab, Rothschild, Gates, and other notable miscreants) is officially known and exposed, so we now a far better understanding of the lethal and toxic inner character of the ruling elite

8. America and the rest of the world know that the US Federal election was stolen, and we now know who was involved with the theft and the playbook used to steel the 2020 election – lessons have been learned and noted by the patriotic masses

9. Tech tyrants and social app powerhouses are losing their stranglehold as new and emerging alternatives offer freedom-fighters viable private, secure, and independent options

10. The world is “on to” fake media and is stampeding away from them and towards independent and factual sources of information (news and journalism)

11. The contamination of our schools, teachers, and curriculum has produced a healthy surge in home-schooling and private schooling (a trend which is already producing better students from better learning environments that can be supervised by responsible parents)

12. The filthiness of Hollywood and professional sports has been exposed due to their connection with the skin trades, pedophilia, and genocidal regimes (particularly the CCP)

13. There are several pockets of freedom and traditional ways of life (usually found in rural regions and a handful of well governed municipalities and states/provinces in America and around the world) which offer domicile opportunities for those who have the means and/or desire to seek healthier more patriotic environments than those found in contaminated cities and urban regions

14. Most of the world now recognizes and are mobilizing their efforts against those responsible for the greatest hoaxes on humanity (global “resets”; United Nations 2030 Agenda; election integrity and voter fraud; stolen federal elections; abuse of viral gain-of-function weapons; permanent mandatory mask-wearing; mandatory universal vaccines; persistent Covid lockdowns; systemic manipulation of media and journalism; planned contamination of academia, its teachers, and its curriculum; systemic exploitation of cancel culture; climate change as a redistribution-of-wealth mechanism; perpetual abuse and exploitation of progressive ideology; and filthy alliances with the CCP and other genocidal regimes)

15. The track record of free-world nations (based on principles of freedom of thought, beliefs, speech, and expression) is and always will be the most successful form of governance and will be protected at all costs – history is on side!

There are undoubtedly many more points and greater detail that can be added to this list. In recent exchanges with fellow patriots, I have noticed that the negativity and arrogance of media and social media have been weighing heavily on our community of patriots. The high-level list provided is intended to be a reminder that we have many good reasons to remain hopeful and to fight harder than ever to protect everything we believe in and pass along to our children. With a community as large as ours, every “little” effort adds up quickly and makes an enormous difference. Embrace this moment as an opportunity in your lives to make a real difference and leave your mark on society now and in the years to come. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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