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Tampa Bay Airport: A 30-minute drive takes you from beach freedom to airport tyranny

April 22, 2021: A trip to the Tampa Bay International Airport reminds all freedom loving Americans that the overreaching federal authorities are only a quick drive away and found at your local airport.

Upon entering the airport, you will be greeted by something that is presumably a human being mumbling inaudible noises (through a ceremonial face mask) – the mumbled noises could be orders or they could be instructions. It is impossible to know when the faces and voices are hidden behind a mask. In most cases, these orders/instructions are already in the process of being followed by most passengers making their way through the airport. Indeed, there appears to be a lot of pent-up anger behind those TSA masks. A person’s eyes are the passage to the soul and in the case of the typical TSA “Authority”, their eyes reflect a dark place and a miserable spirit.

I was in the process of celebrating Florida’s statewide policies when a lady told me that Florida was under-reporting the number of China Virus cases. This happened while I was standing in line waiting to go through the second of four “very important” safety checkpoints. Luckily, I had the opportunity to remind her that, according to the CDC, other states have overstated the cases by a massive amount. I informed her that only 6% of the China Virus deaths were caused by the China Virus itself. The CDC has quietly reported 94% of all reported deaths were actually due to pre-existing core morbidities. Please note how mainstream media fails to cover these sorts of “inconvenient” CDC facts.

This woman voluntarily explained that she was not only an elementary school teacher but that she was also a “scientist”. Apparently, this schoolteacher and scientist had the impression that I would (or should) be intimidated by her alleged credentials. After confirming that she was not an epidemiologist or a virologist, the conspicuously quivery traveler scampered off – seemingly uneasy about a more detailed chat regarding her “scientific credentials”.

It dawned on me that there is only a thin veneer separating a weak-minded and non-inquisitive person from facts and true science. This “thin veneer” of so-called knowledge applies equally to our government “leaders”, social media oligarchs, and mainstream media reporters.

The fear we observe today, is fear that is fed by dishonest reporters and journalists.

The fear we observe in our social media, is fear that is fed by the social media that enables the mindless drivel we see from ignorant personalities such as LeBron James or Meghan Markle.

Meanwhile, the fear fed by government officials has been used exclusively to advance a political agenda while robbing western society of their freedom. By contrast, these same government officials show absolutely no interest in investigating and punishing the CCP for their crime against humanity as aided by their engineered (Gain-of-Function) Covid virus.

One thing is certain, the days of our government leaving us alone are a distant memory. My short 40-minute drive from an open and free beach in Clearwater Florida to an excessively regulated major airport in Tampa is a stark reminder of the intrusive and annoying role that comes with a bloated government and its agencies. By: Extremely American Kevin Wright


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