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Slaying the Big Tech Dragon: Ten Steps to Online Freedom, Privacy & Security

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Jan 28, 2021: Over half the planet’s population has experienced hostile censorship and control tactics from mainstream “Big Tech Dragons” and, in time, everyone will have suffered at least one form of tyranny from these online ideology-obsessed bullies. This article could easily go down the path of describing the countless egregious examples of FaceBook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Amazon and Apple’s efforts to censor, manipulate and “cancel” their subscribers – but this story line has already been well documented, and most people have a clear understanding of the “fascist” tactics being deployed by these dominant tech monopolies. In this article, we will introduce promising and rapidly growing options available that will allow people to break away from the chains of these repressive tech giants and rediscover the dream of online freedom, privacy and security.

Recognition for much of the technical content in this article must be assigned to a fantastic privately operated website called (founded by Sven Taylor). The website offers an objective, well structured and comprehensive collection of information allowing its readers to easily navigate and assess online applications that (1) promote independence from the big tech monopolies and (2) provide solutions that allow for far greater online freedom, utility, security and privacy. This site covers every key online theme ranging from email to browsers to secure messengers to search engines. In order to structure and prioritize the multitude of options available, consider the following ten themes as a good way to start to organize your thought process and begin your migration away from the monopolistic tech giants: 1) Browser – Firefox or Iridium 2) Search Engine – MetaGer or Swisscows 3) VPN – NordVPN or Surfshark 4) Ad Blocker – Ublock Origin or AdGuard 5) Secure Email – ProtonMail or Tutanova 6) Secure Messenger and Social “Hangouts” – Signal, Telegram, Threema or Wire 7) Video Hosting – Rumble, BitChute or PeerTube 8) Document Sharing – CryptPad or MailFence Documents 9) Photo Gallery - Piwigo 10) Password Manager – NordPass or Bitwarden It should be noted that the quality and variety of online possibilities are growing and changing by the day. The ideas presented, here, offer an excellent prioritized set of options that will improve your online freedom, utility, security and privacy. Simultaneously, the migration away from the tech monopolies will absolutely loosen their “choke hold” on society. Each of these outcomes are cause for real and exciting optimism. Oddly enough, this article has nothing to do with politics or ideology. It has everything to do with free speech, free thought, privacy, and control over your own data and livelihood. Those who have already been victimized by the big tech oppressors and bullies require no explanation. Those who have not yet been burned by “the breath of the tech dragons” would do well by becoming familiar with alternative online options. By taking a methodical “one-step-at-a-time” approach and utilizing information portals like, everyone can re-establish what everyone deserves: reliable online freedom, utility, security and privacy. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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