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Brad Hazzard & the Australian Police State: Mass Vaccinating Children in 'Accommodation Facilities'

August 19, 2021: In this video, RVM's Stew Peters and Deanna Lorraine cover the absolute tyranny taking place in Australia. In recent weeks, the world has been shocked by the intensity and pace of an Australian Covid Police State run amuck. The Australian Covid Police State have now entered an even more "unthinkable place" by herding tens of thousands of children into an arena ("Accommodation Facility") and forcing them to take the mRNA vaccination. This horrendous mass vaccination of children (without parental supervision) is a diabolical extension of Brad Hazzard's (NSW Minister of Health) Nazi-like Covid Plan.

Under the instructions of New South Wales Minister of Health & Medical Research Brad Hazzard, RVM has confirmed that just over 24,000 children were herded into a sports arena (branded as an "Accommodation Facility" and vaccinated. To date, two (2) of these children have already died as a result of this "Accommodation Facility" vaccine "session".

Extremely American continues to monitor and share this Australian situation in the hopes that the international community will be inspired to urge their respective national elected officials to demand an immediate halt to this inhumane and systemic crime against Australian children at the hands of their sinister politicians and public health authorities. Let's help our Australian brothers and sisters by making as much noise as possible about this diabolical government crime against Australian children and broader Australian human rights.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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