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The Australian's Sharri Markson: "What Really Happened in Wuhan" (video & audio)

Introduction to the Book "What Really Happened in Wuhan"

January 8, 2022: Covid-19's beginnings are shrouded in obscurity. For a year and a half, scientists and government leaders argued that the virus had a natural genesis, mocking anyone who ventured to disagree. Tech behemoths seized the internet, restricting and stifling discourse to the extreme. Nonetheless, it is obvious that a hidden facility in Wuhan was involved in dangerous studies (Gain-of-Function) involving genetically altering bat-coronaviruses. And as soon as word of an epidemic in Wuhan got out, the Chinese military seized control and silenced any laboratory insiders.

"What Really Happened in Wuhan" is a groundbreaking examination into the origins of Covid-19, the cover-ups, the conspiracies, and the classified research conducted by acclaimed journalist Sharri Markson. It includes never-before-seen primary papers proving China's cover-up of the virus, new interviews with whistleblower doctors in Wuhan, and important eyewitness stories that deconstruct what we thought we understood about the outbreak when it happened.

Markson brings you inside the White House with unprecedented access to Washington insiders, exposing first-hand reports of furious Oval Office conflicts and startling stories of compromised government advisors and silenced scientists.

Markson brings to light the accounts of the epidemic from the people on the ground: the scientists and national security professionals who raised difficult realities and were labeled conspiracy theorists, until government agencies began to believe they may have been correct all along. These heroic individuals persevered through bloody fights and played a critical part in exploring the roots of Covid-19, bringing us closer to the reality of what transpired in Wuhan in this book.

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As you make your way through Markson's video and audio presentation (and, hopefully, as you read through her landmark book), dozens of troubling questions will come to mind.

- Why have free world leaders participated in the cover-up surrounding the Wuhan Lab?

- Why has a genocidal communist regime been allowed to get away with engineering and releasing a man-made virus that has killed more than 5 million people around the world?

- Why has the World Health Organization all but ignored the CCP's role in causing this world health disaster?

- Why has China not been punished for its reckless (intentional) negligence?

- Why does Gain of Function research continue to take place given the mortal danger it presents to humanity?

- What was the role (financial and strategic) of NIH, NIAID, EcoHealth Alliance, and the WHO in creating this disaster and why are these agencies not been investigated?

- Why has mainstream media and social media played a key role in censuring and suppressing any discourse around the Origins of Covid?

- Why have free nations of the world not demanded a thorough and independent investigation of the Origins of Covid, who was involved in the obvious cover-up, and the steps being taken to prevent the CCP (and other genocidal regimes) from inflicting this terror on the world again?

Regardless of nationality, ideology, and political orientation, all citizens of the world deserve answers to these and many other questions. Sharri Markson's work offers an exceptional effort to start this process from an expert journalistic vantage. Markson's effort should also inspire citizens of the world to demand answers from our political leaders regarding this intentional and deadly attack on humanity.

Look at the disruption and suffering around you today and remember that it came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and its genocidal communist regime. Why have our political leaders done nothing to address the CCP and assure us that plans are in place to prevent this from ever happening again?


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