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The best way to beat Covid Fascism is to find places that put people first and politics last

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Mar 16, 2021: After a short 20-hour drive from a typical “Covid-sterile” large city in the northeast to the small town of Clearwater Florida, a clear pattern developed. The observed pattern concerned a lot more than just warmer temperatures and clearer skies. As I drove southward across the country, the further south I drove the more “pleasant” things became. Through visual observations and many random conversations, I noted the following:

1) Residents of rural and small towns, on average, seem to be far happier, healthier, and displayed a more balanced perspective regarding Covid and the application of Covid public health policy

2) Covid health policy does not appear to have a “death grip” on southern residents the way it does in big urban centers and in Democrat/Liberal governed states and provinces

3) A balanced respect for all citizens is in place in well-governed States and smaller towns (Covid public health policy in States like Florida and South Caroline are suited for everyone - from freedom loving happy people on one end of the spectrum to people who are held hostage by Covid fascism and fear on the other end of the spectrum)

4) For several reasons, there are far healthier outdoor lifestyles associated with well-governed States and municipalities (this has as much to do with good governance at the state and local levels as it does with respect to the better weather of the south)

5) In well run States, the notion of mask wearing occurs where it makes good sense and as determined by the individual (and not determined by over-reaching, intrusive, and unelected public “tyrants”)

6) Happier, friendlier, and more social people are encountered everywhere and in every occasion

All these observations of rural communities and the warmer small towns of the south are admittedly anecdotal; however, they are real, and they paint a very different picture from the big cities of the north where progressivism and an addiction (and capitulation!) to government authority prevails.

The random photo (taken on March 15 and used to mark this article) shows a typical happy and healthy day on a Florida beach. The image naturally denotes social and racial harmony everywhere and a lifestyle that is free of the “face-chain” (also known as the cheap, disposable, and useless face mask). Not surprisingly, the average health levels in these well-governed areas of the country are proving to be superior in comparison to those of the locked-down, anti-social, progressive urban centers (particularly those in the colder northern regions of the US and Canada).

This short article is meant to be a reminder for all those people who have been "consumed" by the urban Covid fascist zones where residents are being led to believe “the sky is falling” – the sky is not falling. The picture is worth a thousand words and is intended to remind urban dwellers in socialist run jurisdictions that life without the fear of Covid exists. It is time for progressive/socialist political and corporate tyrants to be put in their place! It is time for everyone to break away from the chains of progressive politics and ideology and to start living again. By: Extremely American Colin Wright (on location in sunny, happy, healthy, masks-optional, well-governed Florida)


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