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The Covid Bird Cage Syndrome

June 8, 2021: We are living in the era of the “Covid Bird Cage Syndrome”. After decades of ‘dumbing down’ the masses and weaponizing fear tactics against society, we have seen society beaten into a syndrome founded on tacit ignorance and blind obedience by a toxic combination of diabolical politicians, mainstream media, social media, academia, corporate elites, power-inspired globalists, and public health bureaucrats.

The simplicity of this political cartoon captures all aspects of the Covid tyranny and panic pandemonium running rampant in society today. It reflects a glaring and sweeping lack of scientific rationale, awareness, and logic in society today. It reflects the ailing human condition where relegation of the most basic human rights and liberties have been willingly and recklessly forfeited by society in exchange for false promises/assurances of personal safety and well-being. It reflects an offensive arrogance from those ignorant enough to be duped by the “masters” of our cultural channels (politicians, mainstream media, social media, public health sector, global corporatists, tech giants, entertainment, and professional sports). On the other hand, those who refuse to capitulate to the pressures and insanity of “new social norms” tend to be happier, healthier, freer, and more aware of the tyranny sweeping the globe - these people are aware and will not be exploited by the nefarious 'masters' of modern culture.

We are thankful to an anonymous EA contributor who shared this political cartoon with the EA team. As always, we welcome openly attributed and anonymous contributions to our site as it adds to the richness and diversity of our content and the ongoing learning experience.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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09 jun 2021

It might be more dangerous to fly outside the cage but it is also more exhilarating.

Me gusta
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