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The Great Wall of Misdirection

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

June 3, 2021: It has been said that walls serve one or two purposes; to keep things in or keep things out. The Trump administration was laser focused on the construction of the southern border. This wall was meant to keep things out; illegals, gang violence, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and the ever-increasing tax burden to what decades of negligence has cost the US taxpayer.

As we fast-forward to the present, the Biden administration’s new policy for immigration, or the lack thereof, effectively ‘deconstructs’ Trump’s policy. Biden’s wall neither keeps things in nor keeps things out. But the ‘wall of misinformation’ constructed by the mainstream media is meant to constrain the truth about Biden’s disastrous immigration (and national security) policy.

During the Trump administration, the front page of most of our country’s media outlets were dominated with the caravans, leftist protests outside of detention centers, self-serving political photo ops (AOC is one of the more shameful examples), and analysis of why any immigration policy put forth by Mr. Trump was xenophobic.

In contrast, the casual purveyor of news would be hard pressed to find any coverage of the failure of leadership at our southern border. Misdirection is a favorite tool of the leftist media. Be prepared for another carefully orchestrated border production to keep the truth about this failure from getting out.

By: Extremely American Georgia-based Journalist Eric Dobbs


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