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The greatest defense against a Tyrant's weapon of 'Mass Psychosis' is personal awareness & action

August 13, 2021: This is one of the best psychological interpretations of our modern global predicament (see video). Mass Psychosis is being primed by tactics of Menticide (ie. engineered brainwashing). Global power brokers have been using perpetual waves of propaganda and psychological terror to create a permanent state of fear in society. And with every subsequent wave of "engineered fear" society's individual and collective morality collapses into a perpetual state of fear and an abyss of mass psychosis.

This video provides a constructive and hopeful call-to-action that has worked to thwart the agenda of horrendous tyrants from bygone eras. Consider these possible actions in your day-to-day life .. these are essential steps required (by everyone!) to break away from the looming chains of tyranny and totalitarianism:

1] Bring order and composure to your own mind and your own life first (reversal of mass psychosis starts with the individual)

2] Information that counters the tyrant's propaganda must be spread as far and as wide and as quickly as possible

3] Use humor and ridicule to de-legitimize the ruling elite and tyrants - tyrants, demagogues, and dictators are devoid of humor and are, thus, incapable of handling an assault based on ridicule and satire

4] Build and use Parallel Structures (defined as any form of economic, social, and cultural organization that exists physically within a society but morally outside of that same society) to create an enclave of freedom and an acceptable parallel form of society

5] Unwavering and persistent tangible action by as many people as possible is essential (members of society cannot be passengers or bystanders in this battle to preserve freedom and thwart tyranny)

Given the importance of this fight and what is at stake, please read, watch, and share this content. Our freedom is in peril without your help.

Thomas Paine Quote of Inspiration: "Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered, yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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