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The Greenwich Project Fights for Students - the Greenwich BOE fights them every step of the way

Back to school is bittersweet for many parents today who are sending their children into a literal war zone. Children will be bullied into wearing face masks and social distancing. They will face regular reminders that vaccine cheerleaders sold out our schools for the benefit of Pfizer, especially with the appearance pop-up vaccination tents at football practices. Then they will likely face a curriculum that features ideologically-driven ideas rooted in critical race theory, hidden in diversity and equity initiatives and stuffed into social and emotional learning. Our children are quite literally on the front lines of the war. We need to equip them with all the tools they need to survive in this environment. Teach them how to be strong, and exercise their right to breathe mask-free. Even children with mask exemptions are hesitant to use them out of peer pressure and concerns over bullying, especially on the first day. Educate them about the unapproved shots so they don’t feel bad for not taking part in this particular experiment. And most importantly, help your children understand the warning signs to notice in the classroom, the things that should set off an immediate red flag or spark an email. Or cause to bring out a phone to video what’s taking place. Be vigilant, and hold the line!

By: The Greenwich Patriots


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