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The incompetence of Joe Biden & Deb Haaland (Secretary of Energy) has destroyed the US Energy Sector

May 27, 2022: Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) questions Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland about oil and gas leasing during a Senate Energy Committee hearing last week. The incompetence and smug dismissiveness of Energy Secretary Haaland was on full display during the Senate Energy Committee hearing.

As the midterm elections approach, it is important to translate your vote into a direct expression of anger over Joe Biden's tidal wave of failed Democrat policies including the catastrophic consequences resulting from illegitimate flunkies like Haaland (Energy), Mayorkas (Homeland Security), Milley-Austin-Blinken (Military), and Garland (US Attorney General).

With every utility bill you pay, with every trip to the gas station, and with every trip to the grocery store, you will be served an automatic reminder of Biden's effect on your plummeting "standard of living" under his illegitimate occupation of the White House.

"Elections have consequences, stolen elections have catastrophic consequences."


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