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The Media & Joe Biden conspired to cover up Drug Addict & Deadbeat Hunter Biden's Laptop Scandal

March 23, 2020: Mainstream media, The Deep State, and Joe Biden repeatedly lied about the "Hunter Biden laptop scandal". The motivation was clear - mainstream media and the establishment were desperate to protect Joe Biden's prospects for the 2020 election; an election that we already know was brazenly stolen and one that was steeped in election and voter fraud.

Ben Shapiro covers the recent developments (including the NYT "discrete" admission of their role in media and journalistic fraud) and where we can expect all of this egregious political and media crime to go. Hunter Biden (and the entire Biden family) must face an intense investigation in light of the reality and the content of Hunter Biden's laptop.

Rumble Video Summary

The New York Times admits in paragraph 24 of a story about Hunter Biden that his laptop was not Russian disinformation; tensions continue to ratchet up in Ukraine as the Biden administration tries to pressure China; and the Biden administration prepares for a “mass migration event” on America’s southern border.

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