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The Office of Donald J. Trump: officially launched

Mar 30, 2021: President Donald J. Trump and Melania Trump have announced the launch of their new website ( This incredibly exciting announcement has all patriots and freedom-lovers thrilled. will keep all American patriots updated with President Trump's most important events and activities. The President's new site provides a direct way to reach out to Donald and Melania to offer thoughts, feedback, and thanks to the Trump family. The site also offers online request forms to schedule event and greeting requests (with Donald and Melania Trump) for special occasions. All guidelines are provided on the site.

President Trump's site offers easy site navigation and straightforward guidelines to leverage all features and opportunities to stay connected with the Trumps. Let's make this an amazing success for President Trump and Melania Trump by visiting his site frequently and taking the time to let him know we are all with him every step of the way. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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