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The Overton Window: A framework / weapon being used to drive radical agendas

May 14, 2021: A big part of ensuring you find your way through the mixed signals and counter-intuitive times we live in is to fully understand the techniques and frameworks being used by the nefarious radical actors of the day (politicians, media, social media, academia, public health officials, pollsters). Two critical concepts to be aware of are the “Overton Window” and “Scandal Fog”. Each concept complements the other and both concepts reflect the ominous political and ideological climate that is smothering society in every way during these challenging times.

The Overton Window is the range or spectrum of policies deemed “politically acceptable” to the mainstream population at any given time. It is also known as the “window of discourse”. The Overton Window is a theory created by Joseph Overton from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. The Mackinac website describes the theory as follows:

Joseph Overton observed that in a given public policy area, such as education, only a relatively narrow range of potential policies will be considered politically acceptable. This ‘window’ of politically acceptable options is primarily defined not by what politicians prefer, but rather by what they believe they can support and still win re-election. In general, then, the window shifts to include different policy options not when ideas change among politicians, but when ideas change in the society that elects them.”

The reason knowing this concept is so important is that when you see the “Overton Window” being pushed (as it is today), it is a clear sign that politicians and influencers are attempting to intensify forceful and permanent change and societal restrictions. In these moments, it is essential not to be distracted (or manipulated) by planned public chaos and social confusion. It is also essential not to forfeit or relinquish any of your most basic freedoms and human rights as an outcome of the initial draconian demands made by the “usual suspects” (compromised politicians, public health bullies, beholden academics, and media propagandists). The manipulation of the Overton Window is intended to “dilute” the perceived cost or “sting” of society by capitulating to seemingly small or modest “concessions” that would have otherwise been rejected by society.

Our second important term to note is that of “Scandal Fog”. What we have learned from radical socialists like Obama during his reign of failure and Biden in his first 100 days of illegitimacy and abysmal failure is that modern socialists and communists optimize the manipulation that comes with the Overton Window by producing and perpetuating as much scandal as humanly possible. The cloud of scandal referred to as Scandal Fog is the product of seemingly reckless and random political transgressions that result in a complex and confusing web of public scandal and bewildering mischief. The Scandal Fog is planned and choreographed in ways to cause the greatest amount of confusion and turmoil in society (effectively keeping society on its heels), and it is this outcome which primes the Overton Window for dirty politicians and the bad actors who conspire with them (media, social media, academia, public health authorities).

Using the Overton Window and Scandal Fog concepts, consider all the scandals and sweeping inconsistencies that have poured over society during recent years. Consider the outrageous demands made on people around the world. Consider the impact of an unrelenting wake of scandal on your unalienable rights and quality of life. Ask yourself if you are pleased with the collection of your diminished rights and freedom. Now consider these events and trends: stolen federal elections, systemic voting fraud, failure of law and order, failure of the justice system, the looming Deep State, a conspicuously lame SCOTUS, endless show trials, fake impeachments, weaponization of government agencies, open borders, the Covid pandemic, the Covid public health response, the threat of mandatory vaccines and Covid passports, the intrusion of global and Uniparty in national affairs, the intrusion of un-elected officials, the erosion of national sovereignty, the rise of paramilitary Marxist factions like BLM and Antifa, the rise of Critical Race Theory Racism, obsession with the imposition of climate change pseudo-science, the loss of decisions regarding your own health and health practices, and so on.

All these issues / crises / schemes / demands (the Scandal Fog) have been “designed and delivered” to confuse the masses while politicians and their “partners” play the Scandal Fog into an Overton Window intended to deliver draconian and authoritarian forms of control – today’s application has a “feel” of communism in camouflage. The success of those responsible for this maniacal con job is measured in terms of society’s willingness to forfeit their civil rights; similarly, the failure of society is measured in terms of its willingness to capitulate and allow their rights to be taken away one-by-one. It is critical to recognize the relationship between the Overton Window and Scandal Fog and how to see through the confusion and chaos that comes with the exploitation of these tools by society’s radicals.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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