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The Raid on Giuliani: Death of Law, Order & Justice in an all too familiar pattern of tyrants

May 6, 2021: Over recent years, we have seen the systematic display of corruption and abuse of power from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and all other extensions of law and order in the United States. Unfortunately, we have experienced massive disappointments from the DOJ, CIA, FBI, and the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Former Attorney General William Barr was a sell-out to the nation at a most critical moment in American history. Special Counsel for the DOJ John Durham pulled off a disappearing act when called upon to investigate several seminal criminal matters including Joe and Hunter Biden’s high crimes with the Ukraine and China. All levels of the police forces and court system turned a blind eye to the racist and criminal activities of BLM and Antifa in the spring and summer of 2020. The Deep State participated in the “silent coup” of President Trump and the eventual theft of the 2020 election. The justice system has done absolutely nothing to address thousands of claims of Covid tyranny. Not a single government agency has investigated the origins of Covid and the filthy ties between NIH & NIAID (lead by Anthony Fauci) and the CCP and its Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Given the intrusion of the Deep State throughout the Trump Presidency, where is the DOJ and all arms of justice when it come to dozens of actual domestic and foreign “issues” associated with Biden and his crime family (particularly in the case of his criminal son Hunter Biden)? The fact pattern around the DOJ and all aspects of law, order, and justice supports only one conclusion: we have a massive problem and a troubling feeling that nothing can be done.

For the purposes of this article, we define the concept of the Deep State (also commonly referred to as the “shadow government”) as follows: The Deep State is a clandestine network entrenched inside the government, bureaucracy, intelligence agencies, and other governmental entities. The Deep State controls state policy behind the scenes, while the democratically elected process and elected officials are merely figureheads tasked with carrying out the orders of unelected officials and power brokers within a clandestine and unregulated apparatus.

The following set of EA notes is based on a May 4th podcast released by Turning Point America’s Charlie Kirk. For those who have not subscribed to The Charlie Kirk Show (a free podcast), EA encourages our community to do so - his analysis and body of research is exceptional. In his April 4th podcast, Charlie Kirk analyzes last week's disturbing FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani's New York City Apartment and draws terrifying correlations to “Operation Hummingbird”, otherwise known as “The Night of the Long Knives” from Germany in the 1930’s. Even though Joe Biden denies knowledge of the FBI's raid, Kirk extrapolates a terrifying fact pattern of political targeting including the examples of Dinesh D'Souza, Steve Bannon, the NRA, General Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Jr., Roger Stone, Matt Gaetz, and many others. What does this fact pattern mean for conservatives? Kirk issues a dire warning against one of the most dangerous new tactics of the American totalitarian left - a warning that every American should take to heart and act against.

EA is pleased to offer the following summarizing notes and insights on the Giuliani raid and how it fits squarely into a historical fact pattern that ultimately results in violent tyrannical purge that marks the beginning of full-on authoritarianism and dictatorship.

Over the last few years, there has been a trend, a pattern that is critically serious. Most Americans are justifiably unsure of a solution or a remedy for what is happening all around us. Last week, we observed yet another example a power-hungry DOJ and clandestine Deep State overstepping it is bounds - the example, here, involves the completely over-the-top DOJ raid of Rudy Giuliani’s apartment. Usually, raids executed by the DOJ are reserved for those suspected of the worst conceivable crimes (drug or human traffickers, illicit weapons traffickers, terrorists, and so on). To get a warrant for a raid from a judge, you must be able to present proof of an imminent threat or a serious crime in progress.

Giuliani does not even remotely match the profile of a threat to the nation or anyone within the nation. On the contrary, Giuliani is the quintessential American patriot and defender of human rights, a supporter of President Trump, and America’s mayor (consider his leadership through 9/11, the NYC mob take-down in the 1970’s, his leading role in overall crime reversal in NYC). Giuliani’s only “crime” was that he defended Trump and the traditional American tradition.

One must ask, why not a subpoena, why bash through his doors at 6am with guns-drawn during this completely unnecessary raid for show?

Let us turn to the “Night of the Long Knives”, also known as the “Operation Hummingbird” political purge which occurred in the three (3) days between June 30, 1934 and July 2, 1934. This purge in Hitler’s Nazi Germany took out 150 political dissidents considered to be a “threat” to Adolf Hitler. Consider other similar purges and the tyrants was behind them: “The Red Terror” of Soviet Russia in 1918 (carried out by the Cheka Secret Police) or Iraq’s Ba’ath Party purge by Saddam Hussein in 1979 (carried out by the Iraqi Intelligence Service). All were done by a small group of sociopaths. There is a disturbing and similar fact pattern right in front of us - all being done by the people who control the apparatus of our own US government.

People who own this access to power only behave this way when they believe this type of purge is one of the final moves into locking down full and permanent control of a nation. Consider all the facts and similarities in the cases involving these individuals/organizations: Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, the NRA, Matt Gaetz, Michael Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Paul Manafort, Dinesh D’Souza, and Michael Cohen. What do they all have in common? They all have been severely investigated to a point of reputational damage and unfairly indicted by the criminal justice system without cause.

D’Souza criticized Obama. For this, the Federal Election Committee pursued him relentlessly and laid ridiculous charges on him for a slight breach regarding an insignificant and small campaign contribution. Criminal prosecution and the full force of the government came after him. Fortunately, President Trump pardoned him. Bannon was indicted on several counts of weak and questionable accusations of fraudulent fund raising. Conveniently for the DNC, three lame charges were filed against Bannon in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election. President Trump eventually pardoned Bannon in due course.

The NRA had to declare bankruptcy because of Letitia James (the Attorney General of New York). James used and abused her position and her authority to investigate her political opponents. The NRA was cornered into declaring bankruptcy based on the attack from NY AG James. James abused her office and position to weaken one of the oldest and strongest civil rights organization, one that fights for our 2nd Amendment rights.

The raid of Giuliano’s apartment marks a point of inflection that should frighten everyone - there is someone calling the shots that we do not know, and we cannot see. These clandestine “deep state” forces are deploying these people in the justice system. “Someone in suits not in boots” is calling the shots and they are mirroring a pattern of egregious abuse of power seen by other tyrannies in history. The most aggressive of these forces are using the justice system to go after political opponents. The pattern is unarguable, it is unmistakable. It started with Michael Cohen as they squeezed him, they threatened him, and they made him sing like a bird. Paul Manafort was abused but ultimately pardoned. Roger Stone was trapped by the Deep State but eventually pardoned by Trump. Michael Flynn got played and entrapped (they went right into the White House to target and manipulate him into a vulnerable position) – “show me a man, I will show you a crime” apples.

Where is the action against the truly diabolical “abusers of power and position”? Where is the interest in sub-human deviants like Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, John Brennan, James Comey and so many other conspicuous actors. This game is rigged and controlled by the Justice Department and all other acting elements of the Deep State.

Patterns from history are marked and eerily similar to the patterns we see before us today. In Operation Hummingbird, the Storm Troopers Detachment (SA), the “brown shirts”, acted as a paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party under leader Ernst Rohm. These paramilitary thugs systematically beat up and intimidated potential opponents. Between the 30th of June and 2nd of July, Rohm and other SA leaders were considered “no longer useful by Hitler” and were shot dead in a brazen show of force and visible intimidation to all Germans. The 3-day purge was infamously known as the “Night of the Long Knives”.

The Red Terror of Russia is especially applicable to and consistent with the patterns of today’s cultural climate in America. Joseph Stalin killed Sergei Kirov (originally Stalin’s right- hand man). Stalin used the bold killing as a pretext to launch the first great (ferocious) purge of his party leadership team. Dozens of Bolshevik party leaders were either exiled or killed often through the process of “show trials” and ruthless executions. Supporters, family, friends, and sympathizers were brutally dispatched Stalin, the “dictator in waiting”.

Saddam Hussein led a similar purge in Iraq in 1979. When he came to power, he launched a ruthless and public purge of over 60 men in the Ba’ath party. There is an infamous black-&-white video of then President Hussein proudly watching the execution and purge of these 60+ Ba’ath Party members. The display was fully intended to drive fear and intimidation into the hearts of all people of Iraq - especially those deemed to be a threat to Hussein’s play for total authoritarian control. These patterns and the pretexts leading up to the ultimate purge and show of force by dictators in-the-making have been seen around the world throughout history. For other similar examples of textbook purges, please refer to the tragic sagas of Burma path to socialism (Ne Win – BSPP) and China’s Xi Jinping and the trail of carnage left behind his rise to totalitarian power.

Today, we are living through a political purge in the US and many other western nations - not only on social media, not only culturally, not only book-burning, and not only cancel culture. Far worse than this, those “invisible” forces responsible are deciding who gets to live in society and who lives behind bars, all without any controls and checks, all without transparency. The mantra “show me the man, I’ll show you the crime” is thriving in this modern era of purging. The words of ancient Rome’s Cicero are ringing louder than ever: “the more laws, the less justice”. The simple conclusion is that a corrupt federal enforcement bureaucracy (in the form of a palpable deep state or shadow government) lends itself to perilous abuse of power and corruption – and, eventually, moments of murderous purging. History reveals all of this with unbelievably predictable precision.

When we see attacks like the one recently launched at Matt Gaetz (or any other individual cited in the long list above), we see a target, we see a message, we see a signal of threat from the deep state to anyone who dares to challenge the system (just like all other historical examples of pretexts and moments leading into a totalitarian purge).

Warnings from our immigrant community abound. People who escaped from socialist and communist regimes recognize the signs and the troubling fact pattern based on their own visceral memories of totalitarian purges. All the warnings from people who came from socialist and communist countries must be heard and responded to.

In the coming weeks and months, Giuliani will be under the full examination of a corrupt federal government and a “licensed” Deep State. They are going after Giuliani to go after Donald Trump. They must make Giuliani a public example, and Trump by associations. Trump and his movement are too big of a threat, and they have too big of a following. They must make Trump a non-factor. Three key things were established and put to bed by Trump throughout hist first term: (1) restricting immigration, (2) reforming our trade policies, and (3) ending our foreign adventurism overseas. The deep state is compelled to call out and condemn all three ideas in what will most certainly take the form of an ongoing “show trial” as we have seen in all prior totalitarian purges that match the fact pattern before us.

They also want shock-and-awe to make a point to the country. They will go to a judge to get a warrant so they can break down a door to set a threatening tone and illustrate their unlimited power and ability to show force. It is far than a desire to show a partisan nature of the Justice Department. It is all about intimidation, arrests, force. It is about the playbooks of political repression perfected by authoritarian lunatics and totalitarians like Cuba’s Fidel Castro, China’s Mao Zedong, and Cambodia’s Pol Pot. A modern western-society purge is now being implemented at the highest levels of power in America. It is being signed off by the current US AG Merrick Garland and nobody is safe. You may think you are immune to the swirling tempest of the Deep State, but you are not – and they want all of us to assume all is well while they work their dirty deeds behind the nefarious veil of a “shadow government”. This purge is on its way to your community in recurring and increasingly intensifying cycles.

They are going after people reputationally and the next phase will be far more sinister. This is the fact pattern, and we are seeing similar pretexts today that have been seen many times throughout history.

In Russia, the Kulaks were considered the upper middle class. These former peasants accumulated over eight (8) acres of land from hard work and responsible personable finances. These farmers, believed in delayed gratification. They did everything “right”. They were wealthy enough to own land and a farm. Joseph Stalin marked them as enemies of the lower classes. Through class balkanization Stalin implemented targeted hatred of the Kulaks (by inciting poor peasants) and a campaign of “de-Kulaking”. Government officials empowered the everyday man to seize farms and kill any resisters. To facilitate the expropriation of Kulak farmland, Stalin and his Soviet government portrayed Kulaks as class enemies of the USSR. Surviving “Kulakers” were deported to labor camps as slave laborers. Their land went to the “collective” and this middle classes cohort was effectively eliminated.

If history serves to repeat its fact pattern and cadence as it so often does, our US government will empower local tyrants next. BLM and Antifa have already started the process of the inter-class purge. As this purge advances into more aggressive and violent forms, ask yourself: “What if I have donated to the wrong cause, or to the wrong party, expressed unacceptable thoughts, or supported someone or something out of favor with the Deep State and it’s ruthless apparatus?” Then what?

All these early victims of what is going on in recent times (from Flynn to Trump to Giuliani) are the “canaries in the coal mine”. Ordinary people are not immune to the advancement of this modern totalitarian purge. What can we do? We can expose this; we can show the pattern. We must immediately demand answers from our elected officials with unrelenting pressure. We must share this information and the lessons of history that bear a striking resemblance to what is going on today. But this is an incredibly challenging and complex threat that requires vast numbers of people (tens of millions) to rise against such blatant and systemic tyranny from an otherwise unaccountable and invisible shadow government. The fact pattern is undeniable and matches the most terrible regimes of history. Without a dramatic and fierce counter-response by all people around the world, we run the risk of following in the steps of Russia’s “Red Terror” or Germany’s “Operation Hummingbird”. The time is now to wake up and respond with equal resistance and drive.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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