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The Social Condition: "Frogs in a Slow Boil"

May 13, 2021: Regardless of the topic, this political cartoon applies across the board. As the walls of tyranny slowly and 'comfortably' close in on society, society has been lulled into an apathetic and false sense of comfort while everything that should be protected and cherished is being stripped away by tyrants, strip by strip. The 'cultural apparatus' (a synchronized collection of political leaders, academia, media, social media, entertainment, and even public health officials) has conspired to dumb down, fear-monger, and numb society.

This cultural apparatus has manipulated society into a dependency syndrome that encourages people to blindly and obediently follow orders of 'compassion' without question or intellectual curiosity. Instead, the cultural apparatus has managed to mollify and assuage society into a dangerous state of apathy and tenuous comfort. As society forfeits one civil right and personal liberty after another, the temperature of the water is rising and, apparently, most people are oblivious to the looming peril before them. One simple look into those who are in control of the temperature dial (that being the unethical and disreputable cultural apparatus) should, alone, raise concerns of anyone capable of intellectual curiosity and critical reasoning.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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