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The Truth about Klaus Schwab & his wicked Cartel of National Traitors is Oozing Out (video)

April 27, 2022: Politicians from all corners of the planet are starting to share the truth about Klaus Schwab, the WEF, DAVOS, and a collection of treasonous national political leaders. It is encouraging that a handful of ethical leaders are speaking out against global thugs like Schwab and his disgraceful pack of bought-and-paid-for WEF sycophants.

The bad news is that the DAVOS/WEF Cabal carries an unrelenting mission that is globally "choreographed" and aimed at destroying the traditional order of life, morality, freedom, and humanity around the world.

The New World Order (NWO) is disguised under bogus banners like "Build Back Better", "Racial Justice", "Green New Deals", and "DAVOS Humanity Missions". The Schwab WEF agenda will be fueled and rationalized by a series of planned global false flags and "engineered crises" (ie. Global Pandemics, Environmental Change, Systemic Racism, Food Shortages, Broken Supply Chains, etc.).

The world's response to Schwab and his treasonous cadre of treasonous national leaders will require electoral and/or forceful removal of any western leaders who are guilty of crimes against their respective societies. Political thugs and criminals like Biden, Trudeau, Morrison, Ardern, Quesada, Macron, and Cassis (to name a few) must be forced from their self-defined thrones as soon as possible.

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