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University Is for the Brightest Students ... Think Again!

Prologue: Extremely American Special contributor “ML” is an exceptional 15 year old high school student. On top of ML’s commitment to ongoing education and career success, this patriotic student demonstrated true initiative and a strong desire to share his concerns about an increasingly repressive educational system, one which carries the threat of “negative consequences” for exercising critical reasoning and expressing points of view that are not in line with progressive ideology and rigidly “woke” curriculum. It is truly unfortunate that the typically hostile and intolerant high school learning environment forces a dedicated and intelligent young student like ML into anonymity when expressing their views. The Extremely American news platform offers a safe and diverse communication platform for concerned young patriots and we are pleased to publish this short article by ML.

* * * *

Feb 11, 2021: Four decades ago, it was clear that academically bright students would strive to get into a good school, in order to ensure success in their future. Come 2021, and it seems that university campuses are the breeding grounds of young and uninformed liberals and progressives, who are unconsciously contributing to tearing America and other western nations apart. Of course, this does not mean that you need to give up on your lifelong dream. America still needs smart and capable doctors, engineers, lawyers and business people to enhance society and lead the country in the right direction. This makes it more important than ever to be aware of what “progressive” campuses and their faculties are trying to do to young minds and possibly find a way to pursue a career without going to university – this may not be such a bad idea.

Throughout the last decade, universities across the country have been protesting to bring parts of a radical socialist agenda into law. This includes raising income taxes on the wealthy to above 80%, putting a universal basic income into law and demanding to remove the second amendment from our constitution (in the case of the United States). These “educated” university students who are supposed to be going to a post secondary institution to better their futures and expand their minds, are instead supporting laws that will only put today’s young generation into financially difficult and miserable futures, aided by the support of their ideologically partial professors. A CIRP/HERI study shows that between 1990-2014, the number of professors who identify themselves as being “far left” have increased by over 20%. (Higher Education Research Institution at UCLA – The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2019) These radical socialist demands coming from students and professors are clearly a product of the liberal media and teacher’s unions (which are notorious for being extreme left-wing labor groups).

If you are a senior high school student who will be going off to a university some time in your near future, be sure to remember the imbalance of political opinion on campuses regardless of which state (or province in Canada) you plan to pursue your higher education. Staying true to your own conservative and traditional views is the most important thing to remember, especially knowing you will be an outlier within the university and amongst other students and intolerant faculty.

There is some good news. Even though many may consider university to be the only route to having a financially stable future, there are many other occupations that do not require a university degree to make a good living and to contribute to society. Take the skill trades, for example, where you can start your own business and work for yourself and still make a great living. Going down a path like this one could save you from enormous tuition fees and debt, get you into the workforce more quickly and keep you away from toxic liberal propaganda during your twenties. By: Extremely American Intern ML


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