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Transcripts of all Biden - Ashraf Ghani Calls Demanded by GOP Representative Wittman

Rep. Rob Wittman (R-VA) - “We need to see all of the conversations that President Biden had with President Ghani, especially in light of what the president said, and that is that this overtaking of Afghanistan by the Taliban was completely unexpected. That completely contradicts this conversation that he had with President Ghani. I want to understand that. But, there’s so much more. It’s not just that conversation, but I want to understand other conversations. I want to understand why did we have no plan to get U.S. citizens out or Afghans who helped us out? Why did we leave behind $83 billion worth of equipment? I want to understand exactly the type of equipment that’s there. Much of that equipment, I believe, is advanced equipment, equipment that will fall into the hands of, not only the Taliban, but others and will be used against the United States. There’s a whole litany of questions that need to be answered.”


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