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Truckers are rolling in the name of FREEDOM - Truckers are HEROES in our greatest time of need

The Stew Peters Show (January 25, 2022) - Show Preview

Today on the Stew Peters show, trucker Martin Brodmann joins the show to give exciting details on the over 600 truck-strong Canadian “freedom convoy” taking place as of now. This convoy has the goal of reaching Ottawa, Canada in an effort to protest the new Canadian Covid requirements for truckers.

“Mr. Global has done a very great job of the last 18-19 months to divide people, divide businesses, divide friendships, divide families, there’s a purpose behind it that seems to be unseen, but there’s definitely something else behind this.” Mr. Brodman told Stew. Martin Brodman was, of course, talking about the restrictions that globalists have advocated for in the past two years. That is who this “Mr. Global” is, in Martin’s eyes.

A Message from Donald Trump Jr.


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