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Trudeau "fast-tracking" Canada into a Police State as he targets & arrests any form of opposition

September 27, 2021: Upon his return to Canada from the United States, Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested on the tarmac at Calgary's airport. Undoubtedly, these officers were instructed by Justin Trudeau and his "global influencers" hiding behind the curtain.

Canadians would be well advised to see where all of "this" goes by looking at recent video footage in Australia (see the video link below for a sobering wake-up call). Trudeau and his thugs are mobilizing and Canadians had better figure out a way to deal with their mini-dictator before this punk and his thugs take their tyranny to the degrees we are observing in Australia.

For those who would like to support Pastor Pawlowski, please visit:


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