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Trudeau forces Canadians to quarantine in substandard conditions at CCP owned Radisson Hotels

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Feb 15, 2021: It’s difficult to digest the eerie vibrations covering the Canadian landscape right now. A once free-loving country with citizens who were welcomed worldwide for their apologetic and congenial nature have become prisoners in not just their own homes (under the draconian covid lockdown measures) but currently prisoners of a political agenda. As the boarders have remained closed for over a year now. Canadians have been told there is absolutely no travel permitted and that any vacations booked must be cancelled. What type of Dictator is driving this hollow ship called Government? A puppet void of conscience reigns in his evil citadel and gleefully adds restriction upon restriction in order to muzzle its subjects.

To Trudeau, this is all theater and the title of his play is the “Covid Pantomime”. It seems bizarre that the majority of Canadians have been unable to find their backbone and mobilize into an intense form of action that is commensurate with an oppressive second year of the insultingly titled “new normal”.

Can it be that difficult for Canadians to rise up and seize their freedom from a leader who repeatedly humiliates himself and Canadians on the global stage? As all Canadians are aware, the global stage is a stage that Trudeau salivated over and saw as an opportunity to promote himself while discarding the interests of Canadians and their sovereignty. Ironically, Trudeau has been repeatedly slighted at global forums and ridiculed for an outrageous and debilitating obsession with his hair, socks, ridiculous costumes and lame “woke” routine.

With all that being said, it appears as though Trudeau has emphatically embraced his new role as a paper tiger “Dictator”. This should be of no surprise since Trudeau has been quoted praising Fidel Castro as a “Remarkable Leader” and voiced his “admiration of China’s basic dictatorship”. Words of a feckless leader who reflects nothing in resembling Canadian culture and heritage.

Perhaps the new illegal Canadian Quarantine Centers (which are owned and operated by the Chinese Communist Party on Canadian soil!) will make its citizens wake up to the “elephant in the room”. Yes, you read that correctly. Based on stated public health policy, re-entry of Canadians into Canada may not be allowed to return to, and quarantine in, the safety and comfort of their own homes. For the first three days of return to Canada and according to the latest regulation changes, a mandatory 3-day confinement is required at a publicly administered quarantine facility. Assuming a negative covid test result is observed on the third day at the public quarantine facility, the returning Canadian is released but forced to self quarantine for another 2-week period.

So, in summary, Canadians travelers are to be taken (against their own free will) to an undisclosed and unfamiliar location for 3 full days following their return to Canada. The company recently “awarded” the contract for these outrageous publicly regulated containment centers is the Radisson Hotel Group. Anonymous sources claim the rooms being assigned have sealed windows, substandard sinks, filthy bathrooms and strict 24-hour security surveillance to ensure those who are "locked up" do not leave the isolation facility at any point during the mandatory 3-day isolation period. It should also be noted that the price (penalty!) for this jail-like experience comes at a whopping $2,000 per unwilling occupant. To reiterate, an additional 2-week self quarantine period is required once the traveler is deemed "safe" for release from the isolation facility. Anyone failing to adhere to these Canadian guidelines may be subject to a combination of heavy fines, future international travel restrictions and possible imprisonment depending on the severity of the guideline infraction(s).

The Radisson Hotel Group is owned by Aplite Holdings AB, which is a consortium led by Jin Jiang International a Chinese state-owned enterprise headquartered in Shanghai. Aplite Holdings AB has been managing the Radisson Hotel Group since its acquisition of the chain in 2018. Not surprisingly, Canadians skepticism and concern is skyrocketing as yet another Chinese company is conveniently profiting and thriving from the health policies that come with covid. Interesting!

Trudeau’s glaringly obvious obsession with and allegiance to the CCP has revealed that he is operating as an imposter and traitor to Canada by kidnapping his own people and forcing them to funnel their hard-earned money to companies directly linked to and operated by the CCP.

Every Canadian needs to pray “God Keep Our Land” and rise up against the politicians responsible for forfeiting Canada’s hopes for continued sovereignty, personal freedom and prosperity. By: Extremely American Cynthia Crockett Contributor & Canadian Correspondent


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