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Trudeau & his state-run media downplay the Trucker's Freedom Convoy as Canadians "Awaken'

January 27, 2022: Justin Trudeau and his contaminated state-run media cartel continue to downplay the Trucker's Freedom Convoy and the surge of support mounting around this movement towards recovering freedom. Trudeau feigns concern for Canadians while snubbing the groundswell behind the Freedom Convoy.

Trudeau, in his absolute arrogance, is underestimating the resolve of our North American truckers and a growing community of Canadians who are finally awakening to the treasonous conduct of Trudeau, "controlled opposition", and the government-media cabal oozing in government control and conspicuous corporate kickbacks.

Video below: Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau (Enemy of his Nation and Globalist Sycophant) delivers more lies and manipulative messaging to Canadians. Canadians are finally waking up to the perpetual lies from Trudeau, corrupt political leaders, and a media that is richly financed and beholden to the Trudeau Administration and multinational corporations.


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