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Trudeau’s Liberal Choke Hold Tightens as Canada Enters the Jaws of Communism

May 12, 2021: If closing schools, demolishing small businesses and locking unsuspecting Canadians in their homes for over a year now has not pushed this “accommodating nation” to its breaking point, Trudeau remains coiled and ready to unleash another blow that will certainly add even more insult to injury.

Trudeau’s Communist approach to his reign of terror has not been embraced by the nation as he had so gleefully anticipated. Canadians have now launched over 20 separate lawsuits against the Prime Minister, Provincial Premiers, City Mayors, Chief Medical Officers, School Boards and even the Vatican itself for implementing what renowned Canadian Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati cites as “Crimes Against Humanity” currently scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.

With a nation essentially restricted to their homes, the social media posts condemning lock-downs and promoting “Freedom Rally’s” across the country have been increasing in both popularity and numbers. Guest speakers include elected officials and patriotic citizens working around the clock demanding the opening of schools, businesses, and all other aspects of society. Just 2 weeks ago over 150,000 Canadians took to the streets in Montreal defying the draconian curfews and forced quarantine measures. Canadians vehemently project their disapproval and even hatred against these “soulless bureaucrats” in a torrent of social media activity that included Facebook banners ranging from:





This is a short list of literally hundreds that expressed what so many Canadians feel, and yet Canadian media and journalists continue to play a supporting role as propagandists and saboteurs acting on the behalf of politicians and nefarious global “actors”.

Trudeau’s revenge has been unleashed once again through his recent proposal of Bill C-10 which, if passed, would allow complete regulation of the internet by the Canadian Government; mimicking the “Great Firewall of China”, Canadians would only have access to information that has been “Government approved” as well as censoring all information broadcasted or posted on the internet that would dare to contradict Trudeau’s “Woke” and “Globalist” narrative. This Trudeau choke-hold has been tightened even more by threatening citizens with fines and punishment for so-called non- compliance.

Welcome to Chinada! The only thing preventing Canada from being completely aligned with the Communist agenda is a Social Credit System. Call me conspiratorial but by the way Canada is digressing it is reasonable to assume Trudeau’s next communist move will come in the form of implementing and enforcing a Canadian brand of Social Credit System which would place all Canadians firmly in the jaws of tyrannical communism.

By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett


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