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True North: "There was never an emergency, it was all political and faked"

February 25, 2022: Podcaster Candice Malcolm (True North) delivered an excellent summary of the tricks and lies used by Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Jagmeet Singh, and any other politician who placed a Parliamentary vote in favour of enacting the Emergencies Act. This unlawful and unconstitutional "maneuver" by politicians from the Liberal Fascist Party and New Democratic Marxist Party should never be forgotten - no Canadian should ever trust these traitors and law-breakers to political power ever again.

The other massive take-away from this crime against Canadians and the egregious abuse of power is this. The government-funded, "state controlled" mainstream media boldly misled and lied to Canadians in their coverage. Canadian "legacy" media participated in this lie and scam imposed on Canadians. No Canadian should ever trust their legacy media ever again as they have proven to be fully embedded into and beholden to the political apparatus.

To summarize, the Liberals and NDP voted as a single block. The Liberals and NDP acted as a single unit in their unlawful ploy against Canadians. The same goes for the bought-and-paid-for legacy media who also worked their pro-establishment propaganda in perfect choreography. Welcome to the "Political Frozen Swamp of Ottawa".

True North Summary

"There was never an emergency that warranted the use of the Emergencies Act. Trudeau just admitted that by revoking the order less than two days after it was approved.

By the time he declared the “emergency”, the border blockages were already removed. By the time his government received approval to use the act by the House of Commons, the police had already cracked down and removed the peaceful protest.

So what changed between Monday evening when the Act was passed and Wednesday afternoon when Trudeau revoked it? Nothing. Other than a new poll showing Canadians oppose Trudeau’s handling of the situation and nearly two-thirds of young Canadians side with the truckers.

On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice says that’s very bad news for Trudeau, and no amount of media spin will make it go away. "


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