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True the Vote announces they now have Footage of the 2020 Green Bay Drop Boxes (video included)

True the Vote Announces They Now Have Footage of the 2020 Green Bay Drop Boxes – Are Working with Law Enforcement in Wisconsin

By: Jim Hoft

May 16, 2022: True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and fraud investigator Gregg Phillips sat down with The Epoch Times this weekend for an update on the ballot trafficking investigations.

Catherine Engelbrecht announced that her organization now have video footage of the ballot boxes from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Catherine and Gregg claim that Obama-affiliated NGOs spent billions to steal the 2020 elections.

Catherine also said True the Vote is working with at least two local law enforcement agencies in the state.

Catherine Engelbrecht: On balance, we are going to look back at this and a lot of what happened was the result of Americans in their spirit knowing something is going so wrong. Where do we start looking? And there wasn’t clarity and passionate people were trying to figure this out… Where we find ourselves now is Americans are awake and they’re increasingly awake. Hopefully what we are putting together they are going to be able to see and feel and have that belief that will encourage them. Their guts are right. This is happening. It’s happening at a national scale… …We just got Green Bay video. Or Brown County Wisconsin a week ago. So, it’s coming…

Gregg Phillips listed four points that will make a difference in cleaning up US elections.

Gregg Phillips: I think there’s going to be some very sophisticated technologies that are going to be employed from teams like ours and others that are going to come around and really make a big difference… Those four pillars. ** If they clean up the voter rolls. Do a meaningful job cleaning up the voter rolls. ** If they’ll stop all this mail-in balloting. ** If they’ll get rid of the drop boxes. ** And make these serious crimes. Make people pay for this stuff Those four things will go a long way for cleaning up the problems that we’re seeing.

And then Catherine Engelbrecht announced True the Vote was working with Wisconsin law enforcement.

Catherine Engelbrecht: Wisconsin… They’re making great strides and investigations are ongoing. We arae now working with two local law enforcement agencies so we’re excited about that. Michigan, we’re just starting to scratch the surface of Michigan.

This is good news for Wisconsin patriots who are concerned about free elections in the state.

Source: The Gateway Pundit and The Epoch Times


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