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Impeachment: the sickening manifestation of "Cancel Culture" in American politics

Jan 26, 2021: As the House of Representatives officially deliver baseless and unconstitutional Articles of Impeachment against President Trump for a second time, one can only ponder the vagrant path we find ourselves on. One thing is certain, the Democrat Party (aided by their clandestine RINO accomplices in the Republican Party) have, for all intents and purposes, shredded the US Constitution in theory, in spirit and in practice.

Nine (9) House Democrats have been assigned as "prosecutors'' (political thugs may be a more accurate term of use here) and "stewards" of yet another destructive round of kabuki theatre .. to be on shameful display in the Upper Chamber in the days ahead. The pack of Democratic prosecutors pasted on their grimmest faces (something they are very good at!) as they ceremoniously slow-marched through the US Capitol and presented the Senate with another bogus, baseless and laughable Impeachment Article.

With sleep-inducing Senate Pro Tempore Patrick Leahy assigned to preside over this fraudulent and egregiously unconstitutional trial, the coming antics and histrionics are sure to yield nothing less than another predictable Democrat failure and media-feeding carnival atmosphere in the Capitol. The irony of all this senseless political drama is that it flies in the face of the insincere calls for unity from an illegitimate new president, a demonic Democrat Party and a feckless collection of underhanded RINO's. With this said, at what point do the nation's citizens (across all political party lines) demand that their representatives stop this obsession with political pranks/stunts and turn their focus in the direction of the nation's true needs and interests? By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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