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Tucker Carlson: How can World Governments Kill more than 10 Million People .. and NOT say a word about it!

The CDC doesn’t want you to see this data.

They tried to keep it hidden, but they lost a legal battle with Aaron Siri.

Now, 390,000 free text submissions from their safety monitoring system, V-Safe, are available to the public.

This is what the data shows so far:

• 1 in 1,300 individuals reported experiencing Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis) in the initial few days after vaccination.

• 1 in 906 individuals reported disturbances in their normal menstrual cycle following vaccination.

• 1 in 450 individuals reportedly experienced shingles after receiving the vaccine.

• 1 in 160 individuals reported tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

• 1 in 143 individuals experienced heart palpitations after vaccination during the initial reporting period.

“Safe and effective”?

“I think this is reflective of why the CDC fought so hard because this is probably the best reflection of what the true safety profile is,” remarked attorney Aaron Siri.


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