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Tucker Carlson: "It is now criminal to disagree with your children's schools & school boards"

October 6, 2021: Biden and his DNC Marxist Party are aggressively weaponizing every aspect of the political apparatus, the "deep state", and public health agencies in a planned attempt to take control of how your children are educated and "conditioned". This is a moment in time where all parents of any ideology had better reclaim their right to raise and educate their children independently of the forceful and manipulative hand of big government.

Tucker Carlson covers the topic of "big government weaponization" (including mention of the "usual culprits" attacking American parents) with his usual pin point precision and informative insights.

Our call-to-cation is simple: (1) relentlessly challenge and reject the efforts of your local school boards to contaminate the curriculum taught to your children and (2) do not comply to the threats of the DNC and their co-conspirators in the "deep state", public health, media, and social media. Criminalizing your right to own parental guidance of your own children is beyond the pale.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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