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Tucker Carlson Monologue: "A Labor Force in Turmoil & A Class War Beneath the Surface"

December 16, 2021: Over the course of the pandemic, Americans have seen all aspects of their economy collapse under the failed leadership of Biden. More so than any other aspect of insidious economic decay, perhaps the most alarming signal of Biden’s collapsing economy is coming from the troubling trends within the US labor force.

In this monologue, Tucker Carlson skillfully guides his audience through the complex and tenuous ground the American economy finds itself teetering on. One cannot but help but to ask, "why is Biden and his administration doing everything in their might to destroy the American economy?" The only available answers to this question can only lead rational people to conclude that treason is at play and the actions of Biden and the DNC are intended to destroy the traditional form of America.

"The incentives that we have constructed in this country have a very specific effect. Those policies reward those people who don’t want a job and they punish those people who do want a job. What they do is they degrade work; they strip it of its inherent meaning. And thats a problem in a country that is running out of things that have inherent meaning." (Tucker Carlson - December 16, 2021)


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