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Tucker Carlson Tonight: Southern Border, NSA Spying, Censorship & Defunding the Police

June 30, 2021: In recent months, Tucker Carlson has been covering immensely important news with courageous objectivity and professionalism - an approach that is virtually extinct in modern news coverage and journalism. The June 29th episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight featured 4 burning topics that are sweeping the country: (1) Joe Biden's Southern Border Crisis, (2) NSA Spying, (3) Weaponized Censorship, and (4) Defunding the Police Scandal. If you missed this June 29th episode, it is important to find the time to watch the full 40 minutes of content.

For your convenience, the following summaries and time marks are offered:

(1) Joe Biden's Southern Border Crisis is highlighted with a discussion about recent whistleblowers who are coming forward with shocking government instructions to haul migrants by the bus load. Sid Miller (Texas Agricultural Commissioner) is a featured guest and he offers a first hand recount and detailed update regarding the crisis created by Biden and his administration. (video time: 0 - 14.50 minute mark)

(2) NSA Spying is covered in detail by Tucker and his featured guest Harmeet Dhillon (civil rights lawyer and Founder of the Center for American Liberty).Tucker's current experience with the NSA, the so-called January 6 "Insurrection", and the heightened threat against American civil liberty are all covered in this crucial segment of the show. (Video time: 14:50-26:50 minute mark)

(3) Another egregious and massive example of Weaponized Censorship is covered in the third segment of Tucker's show highlighted by nationally popular and liberal-leaning podcast host Bret Weinstein of the DarkHorse Podcast Series. In recent weeks, Weinstein has been covering proven preventative treatments like Ivermectin, discussing irregularities within the Big Pharma sector, and offering a platform for world renowned medical experts (like Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology) to express growing concerns about the efficacy of mRNA vaccines. Unfortunately and consequently, Weinstein's DarkHorse podcast has been demonitized. (Video time: 26:50-32:05 minute mark)

(4) Tucker wraps up this content-loaded episode with a deep dive into Defunding the Police and the scandalous propaganda coming from the DNC and its failed leadership across the nation. Tucker sharpens his focus on one of America's worst mayors Lori Lightfoot and the nightmare of violent crime taking place in Chicago. Sage insights about the carnage being caused by the DNC's obsession with Defunding the Police and the mismanagement of large "blue" cities are offered by Victor Davis Hanson to wrap up this final segment. (Video time: 32:05-40:05 minute mark)

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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