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Tucker on Twitter | Episode 2: "Cling to your taboos like your life depends on them" (video)

Tucker Carlson Drops Second Twitter Episode, Ignores Legal Threats from Fox News

June 8, 2023: In his second Twitter episode, renowned conservative commentator, Tucker Carlson, shared his unfiltered views on a range of controversial topics. Ignoring the legal threats from his former network, Fox News, Carlson delved into the changing taboos in American society and the alleged promotion of pedophilia by major platforms like Instagram.

“Hey, it’s Tucker Carlson. Let’s say you wanted to control a country. How would you start?” Carlson questioned, setting the stage for his discourse on power and obedience while taking a job at his former employer.

He argued that to establish control, one must ensure complete obedience from those authorized to use deadly force. The military, federal law enforcement, and agencies like the IRS would be the initial targets. Carlson contended that true power lies not only in controlling people’s behavior but also in controlling how they think, akin to the power wielded by gods.

Carlson went on to highlight the rapid changes in American taboos and the influence of external forces in shaping them. “What’s interesting is how fast our taboos are changing. This is not happening organically. What we’re allowed to dislike is being dictated to us from above, sometimes by force,” he asserted.

He pointed out that while it was once taboo in the United States to attack people based on their race, the current climate allows for the punishment of white individuals based solely on their skin color.

Watch Episode 2 of Tucker on Twitter below:

Yesterday, it was reported that Fox News had accused Tucker Carlson of breaching his contract by launching his own Twitter show. According to a letter obtained by Axios, Fox News informed Carlson’s lawyers of the alleged breach on Wednesday.

The development escalated the ongoing feud between Carlson and the network, potentially leading to legal action. Carlson’s legal team, headed by attorney Bryan Freedman, argues that any legal measures taken by Fox would infringe upon his First Amendment rights.

After being fired on April 24, Carlson hired Freedman to handle any contract disputes. Following an announcement on May 9, Carlson debuted his first episode on Twitter on Wednesday. However, Fox News’ general counsel, Bernard Gugar, promptly sent a letter to Carlson’s legal team asserting that he had violated his contractual obligations.

The letter stated that Fox reserves the right to exercise all available legal remedies in response to the alleged breach. It highlighted that Carlson’s contract explicitly stipulates that his services should be exclusive to Fox, prohibiting him from providing any type of services through digital distribution or streaming.

Axios also reported that Fox News had been engaged in efforts to resolve the dispute amicably. Another source revealed that a senior Fox executive had informed Carlson of the network’s intention to keep him sidelined until 2025.

As the feud intensifies, the implications for Carlson’s future at the network remain uncertain. Despite the legal threats from Fox News, however, Carlson remained steadfast in expressing his opinions and engaging in contentious discussions.

In his second episode, Carlson also discussed the shifting moral standards within politics, particularly regarding marital fidelity. He contrasted the impact of Bill Clinton’s affair with Jennifer Flowers during the 1992 presidential campaign, which nearly derailed his candidacy, with the lack of scrutiny faced by Barack Obama in subsequent elections. Carlson argued that old taboos have been discarded, and behaviors such as stealing, flaunting wealth, and public hypocrisy have lost their moral force.

However, it was Carlson’s remarks on the acceptability of child molestation that drew significant attention. “So it probably shouldn’t surprise us that the greatest taboo of all is teetering on the edge of acceptability, child molestation,” he proclaimed.

Carlson referred to the Wall Street Journal’s exposé on kiddie porn on Instagram, highlighting the platform’s connection and promotion of accounts dedicated to the commission and purchase of underage sex content. He criticized the lack of action from authorities and the absence of consequences for those involved.

Tucker’s segment releases on Twitter have been unpredictable, with no prior warnings. The first segment was posted yesterday, followed by the second one today. The third one tomorrow?

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