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UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell: Would not fight wars caused by politicians but he would defend America

March 8, 2022: UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell was asked to comment on the Russian-Ukrainian military crisis. His response was sincere, direct, and powerful.

Mitchell's comments highlighted the contradiction between politicians who cause and profit from military conflicts while expecting our service men and women (and our children) to put their lives at risk in order to clean up military conflicts caused by corrupt and compromised politicians and bureaucrats.

To his credit, Bryce Mitchell knows enough about politics to know that our young men and women should not be taking the risk and paying the price for the selfish actions of nefarious political families like the Biden's, the Obama's, the Bush's, the Cheney's, or any other political crime family. We need more professional athletes to show the courage and backbone demonstrated by Bryce Mitchell during this post-fight press scrum.

Additional Update: The disgraceful censors at YouTube removed this Bryce Mitchell post-fight video clip from their video library. The censors at YouTube are truly pathetic - and examples of YouTube censorship like this should remind everyone why alternative video streaming platforms like Rumble and BitChute are superior as they offer access to the truth and an ability to avoid non-MSM propaganda.


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