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UK Covid Update: "English Swimmers told to exhale while swimming underwater"

May 9, 2021: From the sublime to the ridiculous, swimmers in England are being told (in posted rules across the country's swimming facilities) that they are to exhale while swimming underwater. Astonishingly, the Swim England 'experts' have informed the nations swimmers to exhale while underwater - presumably 'discouraging' inhaling while swimming underwater (also known as drowning!). The other typical Covid 'commands of obedience' are also in effect while swimming including social distancing and not facing other swimmers.

In yet another clear example of the global 'human experiment', Swim England is applying their version of the 'Overton Window' where the outer limits of the full range of public policies deemed 'politically possible' are applied to a population in their most extreme forms. In this case, the notion that an authoritative body (Swim England) has the nerve to instruct swimmers how to inhale and exhale in a swimming environment takes this pile of Covid public health policy rubbish to an entirely new level. This is precisely the premise behind politicians playing mind games - they intentionally step well outside the Overton Window in an effort to extend the political range of policies and subsequent excessive intrusions into society and culture. This Covid con game and inhumane experiment will persist as long as society bends to the manipulation of politicians and public health authorities. In response to this Covid tyranny, a pronounced wave of organized (but legal) civil disobedience around the world is long overdue.

An excellent video (by Hugo Talks summarizes) offers an excellent summary of this topic along with visual illustrations of the moronic signage being posted in England's swimming facilities. Please click the link below to access the Hugo Talks video.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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