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Uniparty Establishment Elitists: They Lie, they Blame & they Shame

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

October 10, 2021: The Elite Establishment is made up of politicians, bureaucrats, the "deep state", public health officials, mainstream media networks, social media oligarchs, technocrats, big pharma, multinational corporatists, school board unions & trustees, the Pope, and NGO power brokers to name a few. The Elite Establishment does not represent the interests of common people but rather a self serving agenda that is defined by a Globalist and "Uniparty" agenda strictly driven by the pursuit of profit, power, and control.

Be certain to know the faces and the names shown in the images above and below. As these personalities promote their nefarious agendas, always be aware of their approach and their intentions.

Take close note of how these "Establishment Elitists" always Lie, Blame, and Shame in every aspect of their communication in order to advance their clandestine agenda.

As a general rule, learn to recognize these "Uniparty" elitists and reject all of their manipulative, divisive, and hostile dogma and propaganda. From excessive public health policies to bogus climate change pseudo-science to race baiting propaganda, Establishment Elitists seek to incite anger, peddle fear, and divide the masses in order to secure ultimate control and power over common people.

By: Extremely American Colin & Kevin Wright


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