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'UniParty Playbook in Action' by Eric Dobbs

June 28, 2021: Just a week ago it seems that the Republicans in Washington came into its own by stringing together some huge wins. Blocking the egregious “For the People Act”, forcing the Vice President to the border, and refusing to start negations on a mammoth $6.1T “infrastructure” plan. But lo and behold a few days later a group of liberal Republican and Democrat negotiators emerge to announce a “bipartisan” bill with a price tag of only $1.2T. What a steal. This is how the UniParty plays in Washington. The "branded" objective is a bipartisan plan and the claim is that there will be wins for everyone … except the American taxpayer of course. Surely there will be the customary assurances of “balanced bill”, or “paid for with raising the debt or taxing the middle class”. Like all of the preceding bills of its kind they are rife with waste, fraud, and abuse. It will leave future generations saddled with this generations irresponsible debt. The bottom line is this, any politician claiming to be conservative should not consider supporting this bill for 2 seconds. The fact that it was negotiated by the most liberal wing of the Republican Party (RINO's by name) is enough to indicate the priorities. Our job as informed citizens is to warn our friends and neighbors not to be fooled by the “bipartisan” label. It is a UniParty bill. And it’s only purpose is to load the political trough with enough money for members of the political elite to get their extra fill "of the fat".

By: Extremely American Journalist & Atlanta-based Contributor Eric Dobbs

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