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Frauds Perform their Antics on the “Impeachment” Stage while Reality Slaps Americans in the Face

Feb 11, 2021: Let’s face it, this year’s edition of another baseless and massively corrupt impeachment is an utter waste of time, money and energy. While dignifying this sham impeachment with lengthy coverage would detract from the intention of this EA editorial, it is important to send a clear message to our EA community and other patriots regarding the “dimwitted impeachment theatre” playing out before our eyes.

The clear message is this: The 2021 impeachment of former President Trump is worse than a bad joke, it is baseless, and it is entirely illegitimate and rotten to its core. It rails against the constitution and all spirit relating to the application of constitutional law. It is a scam being hoisted on the entire American population by all the usual suspects (including both political parties, mainstream media, social media and various other self-indulging corporate oligarchs). The objective of this wasteful political circus is to place singular blame on President Trump (the greatest president in modern American history) and to draw attention away from a deceitful, inept and floundering political establishment, its “praetorian guard” (mainstream media, journalists, and social media agents) and their collective role in today’s scandals and cover-ups.

America is not interested in this arrogant display of political folly, excessive privilege and virtue signaling. During a time when most Americans and people around the world have far greater needs and concerns than a fictional impeachment, it tests everyone’s patience when such a community of dirty and hateful politicians, bureaucrats and media flaunt and preach their immoral authority over the masses. All of this focus and energy spent on political impeachment depravity is a creepy and offensive political indulgence while people around the world confront and deal with enormous and pervasive issues including: the CCP threat, the Covid pandemic, public health fascism, election integrity & systemic election fraud, national debt levels, corruption of the “deep state”, emerging surveillance state, border control & constant threat of terrorism, fake media, censorship & “cancel culture”, systemic race baiting, intensified corporate oligarch domination, decimation of small business, soaring unemployment, falling wages & purchasing power, a failing education system, and a nuclear family unit under constant attack. EA believes that the greatest interest of every single American would be better served by a sharp focus on these real issues rather than wasting precious time and energy on a senseless and gratuitous “impeachment”.

The American taxpayer can expect another impeachment tax bill of approximately $40 million, just as they did after the first failed impeachment hoax. (PolitiFact, November 15, 2019) We can also expect endless media drivel and political lectures in the coming weeks, so the advice from EA is simple. Do not waste your time watching these political hacks and flakes (from both parties!) on the impeachment stage. Know that this impeachment is not only baseless but it will be a monumental failure just as it was last time. Lastly, use this insulting display of arrogance and vindictiveness by our politicians and media to become more actively involved in exposing these frauds and doing everything in your might to replace these political miscreants with true patriots and honest men and women. Always remember that these most recent actions by dirty politicians and media are being done as (1) an extension of the coup against President Trump that began in 2016 and (2) a response to an ongoing visceral fear of President Trump and his patriots. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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