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Update from Governor Ron DeSantis: "Florida has standing to fight Biden's federal vaccine mandates"

October 15, 2021: As always, Governor Ron DeSantis flexed his gubernatorial muscle and made it clear he will not allow Joe Biden and his unhinged and illegitimate administration to steamroll Floridians with a rash of political Covid mandates.

During today's press briefing Governor DeSantis made his position perfectly clear:

"Its not good policy to destroy someone's livelihood, to take their job away. Its also not good policy to unilaterally impose a mandate that you don't have authority to impose. OSHA does not have the authority, there is no statutory basis for it. Its a total reach. .. Let's protect people's jobs, let's protect their ability to make their own decisions, and let's not have Biden come in and effectively take away the jobs of people."

Florida's exceptional Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo also offered reassuring words that drew a clear distinction between faulty philosophically-oriented, non-scientific vaccine mandates (Biden) and the best medical / scientific practices available (Ladapo).

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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