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US Supreme Court Packing will make no difference in an already-rigged Supreme Court

April 19, 2021: The notion that the US Supreme Court is conservative is absurd. The #Uniparty in the United States including Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Joe Biden will point to the fact that six (6) of the Supreme Court Justices are ‘labelled’ conservative because they were appointed by Republicans. The reality is that the Supreme Court has become an appendage of the radical left aside from Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Thus, the court consists of seven (7) radical activists and this ‘group of seven’ justices is offset by only two (2) justices that exercise judicial restraint and principled conduct.

The following breakdown is offered for your reference:

Justices nominated by a Republican

Clarence Thomas – nominated by George H W Bush and confirmed by the Republican majority (1991)

John Roberts – nominated by George Bush and confirmed by the Republican majority (2005)

Samuel Alito – nominated by Georg W. Bush and confirmed by the Republican majority (2006)

Neil Gorsuch – nominated by Donald J. Trump and confirmed by the Republican majority (2017)

Brett Kavanaugh – nominated by Donald J. Trump and confirmed by the Republican majority (2018)

Amy Coney Barrett – nominated by Donald J. Trump and confirmed by the Republican majority (2020)

Justices nominated by a Democrat

Stephen Breyer – nominated by Bill Clinton and confirmed by the democrat majority (1994)

Sonia Sotomayor – nominated by Barack Obama and confirmed by the Democrat majority (2009)

Elana Kagan – nominated by Barack Obama and confirmed by the Democrat majority (2010)

The ruling in June 2012 by the radical Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts stating that the ‘Individual Mandate’ was constitutional because the legislative branch intended to use the word ‘tax’ as opposed to ‘penalty’. In other words, Chief Justice Roberts rewrote this seminal legislation from the judicial bench. The correct protocol and solution were to throw out the entire law and instruct Congress to start over with a bill that used more accurate language and language that is more consistent with that contained within constitution.

This so-called landmark decision by Chief Justice Roberts set a perilous precedent and has steered the Supreme Court down a dubious road. Try to think of any recent decision(s) by the Supreme Court that has resulted in a victory for ANY conservative value or principle. EA has thoroughly investigated this question and we have yet to find a single example of a pro-conservative decision by the Supreme Court in recent history. If anyone from our EA community can produce a Supreme Court victory, we encourage you to contact us at: Conversely, take note of the plethora of examples of victories for the pro-open borders, pro-partial birth abortion, anti-voter id, anti-voter integrity, and pro-racist policies. The list of cases decided under the “Justice Roberts’ Supreme Court” illustrates just how radical the SCOTUS has become (List of United States Supreme Court cases by the Roberts Court - Wikipedia).

EA has concluded that we should allow the Democrats to add as many justices to the Supreme Court as they like because this move will force interested Americans to focus on the reality of a fully rigged SCOTUS. The Supreme Court is ALREADY controlled by the communists, leftists, corporatists, and technocrats in a global entity collectively known as the #Uniparty.

Finally, similar logic can be applied to the threat of the removal of the parliamentary vote delaying or even the vote-killing procedure known as the filibuster. Again, the Republican Senate consists of members of the #Uniparty – consider names like Susan Collins, Barbara Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, and Mike Lee. These members have reflexively voted with the Democrats unless they have been threatened with a voter backlash in their respective states of governance. In short, the Democrats have already overthrown the SCOTUS and the US Senate. Hopefully, these 2 bold moves along with the likely outcomes will awaken the American Conservative ‘Sleeping Giant’. EA is confident that such outcomes will serve as a much-needed wake-up call to everyone across the entire political spectrum. By: Extremely American Kevin Wright


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