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'Vaxers Remorse': Where does it hurt most?

May 29, 2021: There are four major reasons those vaccinated are compelled to sanctimoniously push the decision to vaccinate on 'others' - 'others' who are taking their time with this personal health decision. In sum, vaxxers:

(1) are generally misinformed (media and politically dependent)

(2) are generally uninformed (lazy research)

(3) are prone to manipulative techniques due to low/poor-information

(4) secretly dread the idea that others have not taken their foolish and reckless leap of faith

If you are convinced not to take the vaccine, it is important to stand your ground. This is a personal health decision that should not be coerced by others through unethical tactics shaming and intimidation. Anyone pushing the vaccine should be told explicitly to back off and mind their own business.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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