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Wall Street Bets: 'Apes Together Strong' coming to a theater near you

June 16, 2021: Charles Payne (Fox Business) discusses the Reditt Wall Street BETS phenomenon with filmmakers Quinn and Finley Mulligan. 'Apes Together Strong' details the story of common retail investors ('Apes') who have banded together on Reddit to beat the Wall Street 'hedge fund mafia' who have rigged the equity investment system against regular investors who only seek a fair and regulated system to protect the 'small' retail investor and underdog.

The 'Apes Together Strong' movie trailer should excite anyone interested in seeing a modern day David vs Goliath story. This is a story about the small retailer investor taking on the Wall Street Hedge Fund 'machine' .. and in this compelling story, the Wall Street BETS 'Apes' and the Reditt Investor Revolution are victorious against all odds.


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