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Washington D.C. Panel Hearing hosted by Senator Ron Johnson: Testimony of Lt. Col. Theresa Long

November 3, 2021: In a modern world full of turbulence and tyranny, we are all desperately in search of patriots and courageous leaders. Lt. Col. Theresa Long (MD | MPH | FS) is more than a patriot and a medical thought leader, she is a hero in a world where heroes seem to be in hiding.

As you watch Lt. Col. Long deliver her powerful testimony during the "Expert Panel on Medical Mandates & Vaccine Injuries" (Tuesday November 2), keep in mind her resilience and strength against the massive "Covid Industrial Complex".

Extremely American considers this 14-minute video invaluable. It involves content that must be watched, studied, and shared and it showcases one of the greatest American heroes to emerge out of the Covid pandemic and all of its tyranny.

Lt. Col. Theresa Long "will never surrender her soldiers" and, in so doing, she will never fail America. America's greatness was built on shoulders of heroes like this.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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