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'Where to uphold your well-being during the Great CCP Attack' - by Patriotic Youth Leader ML

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

The following article comes from a well-rounded Canadian high school student. ML is 15 years old and has produced his second publication for Extremely American. This article offers incredible insights about Covid public health policy through the youthful and fresh eyes of a high school student. ML’s article focuses on the difference between “red” and “blue” states and how their approach to Covid traces completely difference paths and results (where results are measured in terms of the economy, public health, and freedom). It is always refreshing and hope-inspiring when we see our young generation capable of recognizing geo-political events with perspective and an ability to escape the unrelenting clutches of progressive doctrine.

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April 11, 2021: Earlier this week, I was re-entering my progressive indoctrination camp (a public high school) from our highly regulated “10-minute mask break” when I forgot to put my dysfunctional face covering over my mouth and nose. Being unaware of my “violation”, I proceeded to stroll through the school, up the stairs and into my classroom. Nearly an hour later, the class was coming to an end when I was finally told by a fellow student to put my mask on.

Now a patriot may ask: Why is this relevant when we have an emerging socialist system to worry about? This was a devastating situation because it shows how progressive regulations in the name of the CCP Virus have molded minds to the point where most people are blinded to those who DO NOT wear masks and follow Covid-19 regulations. It is sad to see how in one year, those living in the Canadian progressive center known as Toronto, now fail to see a world where people are free to wear whatever they want, go wherever they want, and not be locked down for months on end. Despite the “shutdowns'' here in Toronto and in liberal cities across North America, there are still a few places left in the United States where retaining freedom stands as the government's number one priority.


Florida is a republican stronghold where freedom still stands strong despite Joe Biden and the left's attempts to revoke freedom and all hope of a normal world. The lockdowns and mask mandates being pushed throughout America (meant to deprive one's mental strength and hope of recovery from The Great Chinese Attack) do not exist in Florida due to the immaculate work of Governor Ron DeSantis and his professional team. Since day one of the pandemic, Governor Ron DeSantis has refused to impose a statewide mask mandate on the people of Florida. On September 25th, DeSantis proceeded to sign an executive order preventing local governments from penalizing those who do not follow local mask mandates (including large counties such as Hillsborough, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade). This made Florida a state where no citizen must worry about corrupt politicians forcing them to wear a cloth face mask (that has been proven to make no difference in stopping Covid-19 anyways).

There are also other reasons that make Florida less manipulative and far ahead in the reopening process. As of April 2021, Florida is open for business with retail stores, restaurants, personal care shops, houses of worship, entertainment venues and recreation centers (including beaches) all open for regular use. The most impressive part of Florida's reopening when compared to other states and provinces is that Florida began their reopening process way back in April of 2020 (one year ago), whereas in many liberal states and Canadian provinces the restrictions are only increasing one year later. Living in a progressive “beta” socialist area mentally drains you and changes how you perceive a normal world (as seen in the story above), while living in a free state such as Florida will only make you happier knowing that you can get outside, gather, work, exercise, and wear what you want free of punishment.

Now one may wonder: How is Florida handling the “deadly” but mostly asymptomatic virus? Well, when looking at the cases per one million statistic, you see that Florida ranks 26th out of the 50 states putting them far behind progressive lockdown states such as New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. When talking about the actual number of cases, Florida has been able to keep their total number of cases per one million under 100,000 people, proving that enforcing masks and destroying economies was the wrong decision for many states. Of course, the fake mainstream media will never give Florida credit where credit is due because of their hate for Governor Ron DeSantis, President Donald Trump, and their success in turning Florida into a predominantly Republican state that works against the democratic establishment.


Were you at the Rangers game last Sunday? Many Texans can say that they were, as last Sunday the Texas Rangers were the first team in professional sports to allow a full capacity stadium, since the start of the Covid-19 public policy hoax. When Governor Greg Abbott lifted the states mask mandate on March 10th, he also barred local governments from enforcing their own mask mandates. On the same day he declared Texas to be 100% open allowing businesses to operate at full capacity, which is something that is mostly nonexistent across the rest of North America. On April 6th, Greg Abbott signed an executive order prohibiting local governments and businesses from creating inhumane “vaccine passports”. This ensures that your freedoms are preserved in the state of Texas as citizens who are not vaccinated are still able to go wherever they want and buy whatever they want, unlike in New York where vaccine passports are being imposed and enforced on a statewide level.

But isn’t the CCP Virus out of control in Texas? Quite frankly the answer is no. Like Florida, Texas has been able to keep their number of cases per one million people below 100,000 infections, which is once, to no surprise, something never mentioned in the mainstream media. A healthy well-being, a normal lifestyle, lower Covid numbers and a governor who can see past bogus democratic policies are all vivid reasons why Texas is a prime landing spot for those trying to escape the mental tyranny occurring in progressive states and north of the border.

South Carolina

Finally, South Carolina (another red state) is a state in which the reopening process is far ahead of the rest of the country. From the outset of the Covid pandemic, South Carolina has not imposed nor enforced a statewide mask mandate. The state is currently encouraging all their businesses to reopen. South Carolina does not require those working in retail or in public spaces to wear face coverings, making employee satisfaction much higher and work less stressful. Up here in Canada a “mandatory stay home order” is currently in effect as I type this article, whereas in South Carolina these anti-freedom lockdowns are nonexistent, allowing for people to go outside whenever they want and live in a state of freedom.

If you compare New Jersey and South Carolina when it comes to the number of deaths, you see that New Jersey has 1000 more deaths per one million people. New Jersey also has several anti-freedom measures in effect including statewide mandatory masking in both indoor and outdoor public spaces. This radical law that applies for those over 2 years of age, violates civil rights and is completely ineffective in combating Covid-19 as the statistics show.

Despite the “glamour” of "woke" big blue states such as New York and New Jersey, we can see that their lockdowns are completely ineffective when compared to free red states like Florida, Texas, and South Carolina. The unnoticed mental manipulation that is being suffered by millions living in lockdown, reflects failing progressive policies that is altering their population’s perception of a free society. For those who have lost a sense of normal life, considering a move down to one of these free southern states is what you must do to recover your freedom and a way of living that is not contaminated by the Uniparty, CCP, and national political leaders who march to the orders of globalists – not their own citizens. By: Extremely American Contributor and Patriotic Youth Leader ML

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