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WHO Guidance on Shots for Kids Contradicts Anthony Fauci & the rest of the US Public "Health" Cartel

WHO Guidance on Shots for Kids Contradicts Fauci

By: Ian Miller

April 5, 2023: Since the mRNA vaccines rolled out in late 2020, a group of committed public health activists in the United States have tirelessly worked to ensure that every human being in the country is vaccinated.

Unsurprisingly, that group, including Dr. Fauci, the CDC, FDA, local public health departments and various Twitter doctors, have refused to discuss the many harms and trade offs, while senselessly treating every individual as if they have the same level of risk.

They’ve purposefully ignored the importance of natural immunity, choosing to downplay so as not to detract from their goal of universal vaccination.

The country’s leading public health agency, the CDC, has also consistently downplayed valid concerns regarding vaccine-linked myocarditis, while privately receiving a number of disturbing reports about cases.

Recently Fauci, the CDC and their allies were dealt yet another blow as the World Health Organization made a stunning announcement directly contradicting nearly two and a half years of domestic “expert” assertions.

In a remarkable rebuke, the World Health Organization has stated that young healthy people do not need to be vaccinated against COVID.

The WHO posted updated guidance on their website, which created a new hierarchy of priorities for COVID vaccination. Groups are now labeled high, medium, or low for “risk of severe disease and death.”

As such, healthy children between the ages of 6 months and 17 years are placed in the “low” risk category.

The organization’s updated guidance also explained that traditional vaccines for illnesses such as rotavirus, measles, polio and pneumococcal conjugate have a much more significant benefit for children. Benefits to healthy children from COVID vaccines are “comparatively much lower than the established benefits of traditional essential vaccines,” according to the statement.

A press release from the WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization affirmed that “Countries should consider their specific context in deciding whether to continue vaccinating low-risk groups, like healthy children and adolescents, while not compromising the routine vaccines that are so crucial for the health and well-being of this age group.”

This is a tremendous departure from the recommendations of US-based health agencies like the CDC and FDA, not to mention the advice of the Biden White House’s former chief medical advisor and frequently misinforming, world altering “expert,” Dr. Anthony Fauci.

WHO Advice on COVID Vaccines Contradicts US ‘Experts’

The CDC has long been seen as an international outlier when it comes to vaccine guidance.

As far back as January 2022, Sweden declined to recommend COVID vaccination for those under the age of 12. The country’s health agency said that children were at “low risk” of severe illness and that they didn’t see “any clear benefit.”

Yet in the US, the CDC currently recommends that every child over six months of age should be vaccinated, regardless of underlying health or previous infection.

The FDA has also rubber-stamped approvals for younger age groups, despite the lack of benefits and limited data. They even recently authorized bivalent boosters for children aged 6 months-4 years old, despite the lack of clear benefits and rampant natural immunity.

Fauci, of course, has also been a fierce proponent of children getting every available COVID shot.

In spring 2021, he helped create a culture of fear for parents, while misleading politicians into believing that children must be vaccinated in order for the pandemic to end.

“We don’t really know what that magical point of herd immunity is, but we do know that if we get the overwhelming population vaccinated, we’re going to be in good shape,” Fauci said Thursday during a hearing of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. “We ultimately would like to get and have to get children into that mix.”

As late as summer 2021, as evidence showed that highly vaccinated countries like Singapore were seeing huge surges of infection, Fauci continued to defend and encourage vaccine mandates for children.

At the end of 2021, after it was abundantly clear that the vaccines were completely useless at preventing infection or transmission, he claimed that arguments against children getting vaccinated “made no sense.”

“Dr. Anthony Fauci said Thursday that some of the rationale parents use to keep their child unvaccinated ‘doesn’t make any sense.’”
“We vaccinate children for a number of childhood diseases where the mortality of those diseases is far less than the mortality and the morbidity of COVID-19.”

Once again, Fauci got it entirely backwards.

As the WHO now explains, the benefits for children with regards to COVID vaccination are significantly lower than “a number of childhood diseases.”

If ever there’s a debate to be had on COVID policy, you could make a killing betting that Fauci will be on the wrong side.

The next month, he openly wished for a rapid authorization of third doses for kids after it was determined that “two shots did not induce an adequate immune response in children 2 to 4 years old in Pfizer’s clinical trials.”

Fauci’s list of publicly obsessing on the vaccination of children is essentially endless. His assertion that vaccine mandates for kids were a “good idea” almost certainly contributed greatly to the rapid proliferation of such policies in anti-science, extremist states like California.

Thankfully, Gavin Newsom backed down from his indefensible mandates. But it’s important to remember that the WHO recommendations stand in direct opposition to Newsom’s past comments, which were almost certainly derived from Fauci.

“The state already requires that students are vaccinated against viruses that cause measles, mumps, and rubella – there’s no reason why we wouldn’t do the same for COVID-19,” Newsom explained in justification of his mandates.

Unsurprisingly, Newsom has not acknowledged the contradiction and that his “follow the science” stance was proven wrong.

Flaws In the System

This update proves how disastrous the phrase “follow the science” has proven to be. Science is an ever-changing and updating process, not an immutable set of universally agreed upon concepts.

Yet in an effort to promote universal compliance with their mandates, authoritarian policies and demands, public health “experts” and politicians ignored uncertainty.

There was never any data suggesting that young healthy children should receive the COVID vaccine. But agencies and advisors like Fauci likely caved to political pressure from terrified liberal parents and media outlets, who demanded the ability to vaccinate their children.

Much the same way that misinformation from the left led to Democrats wildly overestimating the risk of COVID hospitalization, their efforts to terrify the public led to unnecessary fear of the impact to kids.

Once these “experts” and agencies committed to universal vaccination, they had no choice but to ignore the evidence and move full steam ahead. The only thing more consistent than their ability to be wrong is their ability to never admit mistakes.

Any discussion of risk-benefit analysis was quickly ruled out, despite the risk of myocarditis, especially for young men.

Many European health agencies and now the WHO have wildly different guidance from the CDC and FDA on COVID vaccines for young people. The fact that qualified scientists have vastly different opinions shows how foolish “follow the science” actually is in practice.

It is clear that educational institutions rushed to follow the advice of the CDC and Dr. Fauci because they share political allegiances. Now their decisions look even more inexcusable.

The incompetence and dangerous assertions of certainty among US public health agencies has been a remarkably consistent part of the COVID story.

The WHO’s update helps further cement that disgraceful, inexcusable legacy.

Reprinted from Substack

About the Author Ian Miller is the author of “Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates.” His work has been featured on national television broadcasts, national and international news publications and referenced in multiple best selling books covering the pandemic. He writes a Substack newsletter, also titled “Unmasked.”

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