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Wyoming Primary Candidate Harriet Hageman is "fed up" with Liz Cheney & the DC Establishment

Primary Candidate Harriet Hageman is the answer to Wyoming; Liz Cheney is destined to be an irrelevant & terminally miserable RINO Republican Reject

August 6, 2022: Republican Primary Candidate (Wyoming) Harriet Hageman will not tolerate Liz Cheney nor the disgraceful and corrupt DC Establishment she symbolizes. Hageman will convincingly win the rapidly approaching Wyoming Primary for Governor and, with that, launch Liz Cheney into utter irrelevance where she belongs.

Glenn Greenwald recently commented on War Hawk and DC Establishment Fanatic Liz Cheney and corporate media's new-found love affair with a TDS inflicted reject from the Republican Party:

"Literally anybody who opposes Donald Trump becomes a hero in the eyes of Democrats & liberals." (Glenn Greenwald)


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