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Zuckerberg & Fauci glibly discuss the notion of experimental mRNA injections in 2020

December 14, 2021: Mark Zuckerberg and Anthony Fauci are captured on video footage from 2020. Neither of these unhinged global elitists have a problem with the notion of forcing experimental and dangerous "experimental science" on the masses. Similarly, Fauci appears to be very comfortable imposing his twisted notion of morality and obligations to the "common good" based on his personal agenda and interests (both compelled by profit and control).

Each of these (non-elected) individuals are rotten to the core, intellectually dishonest, and arrogant enough to feel perfectly justified in a behavioral pattern that suggests they were somehow "elected" by the world to impose their selfish edicts as they see fit and at the risk of humanity.

Zuckerberg and Fauci will eventually be considered criminals against humanity. This interview is practically unbearable to watch but is essential to be aware of.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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