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Keystone XL: Biden executive order breaks the spine of American & Canadian energy independence


Feb 9, 2019: As Joe Biden takes a wrecking ball to the American economy with countless reckless executive orders, his path of looming disaster has already taken its first casualties outside of the US. Top oil producing states (notably Texas, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma) are already sharing the initial pain of an anti-infrastructure and anti-energy political platform with their Canadian friend to the north (Alberta). In his first illegitimate week in office, Biden issued an alarming 22 executive orders aimed at dismantling the US economy in favour of redirecting American resources at and focus on a parade of superficial and wasteful “hip” projects. Biden’s radically “woke” platform has positioned the US and Canadian energy sectors for imminent failure and a firm reliance on other oil producing nations like Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Russia.

As alluded to above, Alberta is sharing in the pain of a blundering and foggy American leader who appears to be completely oblivious to the importance of the Keystone XL Project, both in the US and Canada. Biden’s woke energy policy is based on the pursuit of the imaginary climate change “boogeyman” and a shameful redistribution of wealth/power that comes with the propping up of bogus causes, phoney pseudo-science and dirty kickbacks.

The negative consequences of Biden’s decision to revoke the Keystone XL federal permit can be summarized as follows:

- 1,700-mile ($800 billion) pipeline project halted after a full decade of “sunk” engineering efforts, environment impact planning and construction costs

- Elimination of the capacity to carry approximately 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta, Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast

- Emerging national security threat as a loss of energy independence will be coupled with renewed dependency on notoriously difficult international oil suppliers

- Immediate loss of tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the US and Canada

- Wasted US taxpayer investment of $7.5 billion ($1.5 billion wasted by the Albertan taxpayer)

- Loss of billions of dollars (annually) from corporate income taxes, carbon taxes, royalties and foreign investments

- Loss of income streams for aboriginal groups (in Alberta, 5 aboriginal tribes will lose access to a $785 million stake in the Canadian arm of the project)

- The daily volume of crude moved via the Keystone XL pipeline is equivalent to the far riskier and inefficient alternatives using either 4,150 trucks loaded daily or 1,185 rail cars loaded daily

- Triggering of lawsuits and litigation by the six American states participating in the pipeline route (including similar litigation activities in Alberta, Canada)

- Conspicuous start to the US-Canada relationship under Biden, as the decision unfairly singles out one of America’s most important and long-standing allies

So, with the slow-moving stroke of Biden’s pen, havoc was beset on communities and families across 2 nations with virtually no consideration for their well-being. Instead, Biden and his band of woke special interest renegades sacrificed a major portion of American and Canadian security, sovereignty and prosperity in order to chase socialist “rainbows” and “unicorns”. President of the Consumer Energy Alliance, David Holt, emphatically stated “President Biden bowed to the demands of a handful of special interests on his first day in office at the expense of American (and Canadian) laborers, workers, families, and small businesses who depend on reliable energy.” Furthermore, Holt stated "It is unfortunate that, in this instance, ideology has trumped common sense, and will achieve the opposite environmental effect than was intended.” (The Daily Fodder Center Square – January 21, 2021) It is worth noting that the Department of State, Department of Energy and PHMSA all concluded that the Keystone XL Project would have (1) offered a remarkably safe pipeline with state-of-the-art monitoring technology, (2) lowered gasoline and diesel prices and (3) reduced overall carbon emissions associated with alternative means of moving oil to the Texas Gulf refineries. Given all of this, it is shocking to see Biden and his team shutting down Keystone XL at a time when the US has attained net oil exporter status and full energy independence.

Within 1 hour following Biden’s “inauguration”, the original permit to construct, connect, operate, and maintain pipeline facilities at the international border of the United States and Canada (the “Keystone XL pipeline”) was revoked. The speed, recklessness and utter disregard for the victims of this action serves as a signal and harbinger of things to come for not only American citizens but also the citizens of American trading partners like Canada. From Biden’s swath of executive orders, it is clear that the role of progressive appearances and “woke” causes will vastly outweigh the importance of American prosperity, security and independence. Alberta and the rest of Canada received a similar wake-up call regarding Biden and his disastrous objective to dismantle the American economy and those who make it work. It is remarkable that the "Biden Nightmare" started a mere one hour (and a shocking twenty executive orders) into his illegitimate four year reign of terror. In the meantime, Biden’s feckless Canadian sidekick (Trudeau), exhibited his usual form of inert and useless leadership. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

EA Editorial: Winning in today’s progressive world of “conditional” compassion and “intolerant’ wisdom


Feb 8, 2021: In a world overflowing with moral narcissism, sanctimonious arrogance, and intellectual intolerance, we find ourselves surrounded by the perpetual threat of irrational and unreasonable social bullies. These social bullies can be found around every corner! Whether the topic is as important as a pandemic, environmental management and balanced global prosperity or as insignificant as the theatrics and outcome of a Super Bowl game, there is a clear and growing chasm forming between “hip & popular progressive intellects” and “curious & traditional conservative thinkers” of our time. Although this statement may be seen as provocative and one-sided, it is expressed without apology. This conclusion is warranted given the endless ridiculous antics we see from a collection of obnoxious progressive sycophants who seem to find no harm in attacking anyone who “dares” to challenge progressive liberal dogma and baseless self-ascribed intellectual “false standing”. These words are, no doubt, painful medicine for the progressive community that consider themselves the only well-informed members of society and apparently the only group aware of principles of compassion and consideration of course, all of this could not be any further from the truth!

To test the assertion made above, politely challenge the “thinking” or the “gospel” of someone you see as a typical progressive or globalist “know-it-all”. The reaction is almost always certain to be fierce, hostile and personal. The usual “bait” for such reactions could easily include the act of expressing opposition (or even simple curiosity) in areas such as: current covid health policy, the US federal election, systemic election fraud, US impeachment practices, justification of cancel culture, liberal media, behaviour of technocratic oligarchs, BLM, Antifa, and climate change just to mention a few examples. In any of these cases, a person daring to challenge the “religious” ideology of the progressive left runs the risk of facing an unhinged barrage of insults, threats and an assortment of emotional, physical and cyber-based bullying (all in line with the “cancel culture” and “social-snitching” that manifests itself within social, employment, political and law enforcement circles).

The intolerant left is singularly responsible for balkanizing society across countless categories of people. This outcome of perpetual and deep rifts between people can be attributed to a very obvious set of usual suspects. Consider the dubious roles played by politicians, media, social media, academia, the entertainment industry, and professional athletes and ask yourself if you truly believe their role is one of building unity and social cohesion. Any intellectually honest person cannot deny that these “usual suspects” are intentionally undermining society not to mention the concepts of social responsibility, compassion and cohesion. These groups have literally created a bifurcated world: one where half the population is considered “fashionably altruistic and morally superior” while the other half is considered “outdated, uninformed, insensitive and dispensable”.

So how does a regular patriotic, law-abiding and conservative-minded individual win in a world like this? How does someone outside of the “progressive club” defend themselves against a progressive left who are the precisely the opposite of what they profess themselves to be? How do traditional patriots win against “progressive” elements in society that are clearly unhinged and predictably hostile, violent, emotionally temperamental, misinformed, underinformed, non-inclusive, narrow-minded and intellectually dishonest? The advice from this Extremely American contributor is as follows:

- Know the typical profile of a progressive person and their predictable tactics (as described above)

- Inform yourself, as much as possible, from reliable and diverse sources (the truth and facts are the greatest weapon against progressives and globalists)

- Seek community in environments and within circles that actually support freedom of expression, freedom of belief, critical reasoning and all other unalienable rights

- Revisit and memorize your constitutional rights

- Familiarize yourself with science versus progressive science fiction

- Rely of your own beliefs, common sense and moral compass to navigate the “toxic waters” of information (most notably in politics, media, academia and entertainment where information contamination is at its worse)

- Resist the moral suasion and shaming techniques that are pervasive in environments like the workplace, academia, and social media

- Spend time and energy strengthening the bonds within your closest circle of friends and family

- Get back to basics and re-discover all those things that relate to simpler times and greater self-sufficiency (ie. escape the technology and mainstream media as much as possible, and get back to nature and simple activities as much as possible)

With this editorial, it is hoped that those constantly offended (or attacked) by the actions a condescending progressive “paper tiger” find strength by gaining a greater understanding of the left, learning how to deal with their predictable bullying antics, and reinforcing their comfort in a community that truly cares for one another unconditionally. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

Elon Musk: Says “No” to the Covid Vaccine and warns of maniacal “Covid Knuckleheads” like Bill Gates


Feb 8, 2019: In one of the strongest statements made about “experimental covid vaccines and public health policy”, renowned corporate genius, entrepreneur, innovator and philanthropist Elon Musk officially declared that he and his family will not be taking the coronavirus vaccine nor are they in favour of the excessive health policy restrictions imposed on society here in the US and around the world. During a NYT Sway Kara Swisher Podcast (late 2020) Musk went on the record stating, “What we have is something with an extremely low mortality rate and high contagion; I am not at risk for COVID, nor are my kids. I will not take the vaccine, nor will my family.”

Musk does not take this position on covid and its vaccine options lightly or without intimate knowledge. In addition to being arguably the most prolific entrepreneurial and scientific mind alive today (in areas ranging from solar energy to electric cars to space exploration), Musk is also deeply engaged in an array of scientific efforts to develop and deploy solutions aimed at battling the threat and impacts associated with covid. And, unlike unhinged and untrusted megalomaniacs such as Bill Gates, Musk has taken a balanced and level-headed approach in his battle to apply brilliance in seeking out solutions while applying common sense and social consideration in our pursuit of full-spectrum mitigation against covid and the public health policies that go with it.

As a case in point, Elon Musk and a select group from his Tesla team have been directly involved in the antibody studies going on with the Harvard epidemiological team. These joint Tesla covid R&D efforts resulted in the development and launch of vaccine machines used by companies such as CureVac. To be clear, Musk is taking a leadership role not just in terms of solutions to eradicate covid but also as a leader capable of developing balanced and humane ways to deliver an effective public health care policy. Musk’s health care policy approach is one that considers the consequences of questionable and maniacal ideas/schemes coming from “knuckleheads” and covid fascists most notably Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Klaus Schwab to name a few.

It is time to call into question the excessive/unending havoc and negative consequences that are now the result of ambitious and uncontrolled megalomaniacs more so than the virus itself. Elon Musk offers a ray of hope (and a voice of sanity) as society fends off an enemy far greater than the covid virus - power hungry maniacs (Gates, Fauci, Schwab) combined with a poorly informed, panic-stricken population represent a crisis that must be addressed immediately. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

CCP Counterfeit Exports: Think of this CBP Report the next time you wear your Covid mask!


Feb 5, 2021: The next time you don your disposable cloth mask, it would be wise to consider this breaking US Customs & Border Protection report (February 2021). It has been officially reported by the US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agency that China accounted for 51% of all counterfeit and substandard covid masks dating back to October 2019. (February 5, Epoch News)

According to US Customs officials, the CBP seized more than 12.7 million counterfeit masks, 177,356 prohibited COVID-19 test kits, and 38,098 FDA-prohibited chloroquine tablets. Although quality tested Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and FDA approved treatments are an important aspect of covid mitigation efforts, the infiltration of counterfeited and poorly produced treatments and testing kits is a serious threat to public health and safety in the US and abroad. The FDA offers US citizens an important database and list of fraudulent COVID-19 PPE products, prophylactic treatments and test kits. This FDA list contains names and products of all rogue business operators that citizens should be aware of.

To add to the concerns about the surge in fake PPE’s aimed at the US market, CBP seized 10,080 counterfeit surgical masks in Cincinnati last December. The seized masks were labeled “3M Mask Model 1860” and originated from China. The boxes containing the counterfeit masks were also fraudulently labeled as “Made in the USA” and considered completely ineffective and “shoddy”. In a second example, the CBP also reported the seizure of another 6,080 fake 3M masks in December (this time a shipment originating from Hong Kong). A third example took place in Chicago in September when the CBP local customs officials discovered a massive shipment containing 500,000 counterfeit N95 masks (this shipment originated from the Chinese city of Shenzhen).

Aside from the fact that this constant surge of counterfeit covid PPE and treatments represents a public health threat, it should also be noted that these products have been directly tied to egregiously immoral and oppressive forced labour camps in China. In the past year, the CBP reported a record number of 13 new “withhold release orders” relating to banned forced labour (“concentration camp”) imports. The banned forced labour products in question (disposable gloves, masks, cotton) carry an estimated value in excess of US$50 million. To further address this serious problem, the CBP issued a new “withhold release order” (January 13) strictly banning all imports of cotton, apparel, and textiles originating from China’s Xinjiang region.

To complete this review of the February CBP report, the customs agency seized 26,503 shipments involving products that violated U.S. intellectual property rights. China was, by far, the “top source” of such seizures carrying a market value over US$1.3 billion! In one specific example from the report, the CBP highlighted a Los Angeles case involving the seizure of three full cargo shipments of counterfeit products from China worth more than US$32 million.

Many lessons can be learned from the recent CBP report but none more important than understanding the scale of counterfeit products entering the US and nations around the world, most notably involving knock-off products aimed at exploiting the covid crisis. At a minimum, this article should (1) compel the reader to carefully research the products they use for health safety and (2) demand that their local/state/federal elected officials get far more serious about dealing with (and sanctioning) China’s corrupt / counterfeit trade industry. This includes a demand for Joe Biden and his family to immediately eliminate their intimate and “proprietary” ties with the CCP. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

AOC’s Big Lie: Inflammatory and foment-laden political drama & lies pose a great threat to all Americans


Feb 5, 2021: In what has now gone fully viral as the latest blunder and blatant lie by DNC Member of the House (Alexandria Cortez), most Americans are now fully aware of the fact that Cortez (AOC) is an utter drama queen and political fraud.  The magnitude of AOC’s big lie and the danger associated with her recklessly dramatic portrayal of events on January 6, only serve to completely destroy the credibility of AOC, the DNC and mainstream media’s coverage. 


Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) is the most recent senior official to comment on the outrageous story-telling Representative Alexandria Cortez’s (D-NY) calling it a “dishonest” account of the U.S. Capitol incident on Capitol Hill. Representative Mace actually was present during the January 6 incident (Mace uses an office two doors away from AOC’s office) and noted that “insurrectionists never stormed our hallway.” (Nancy Mace - FNC – February 4, 2021) Representative Mace went on to state, “No one should tolerate this deceitful behaviour from an elected official”.


Mace’s continued to lay out the facts during her interview by providing first-hand evidence that AOC was not in the building and that her imaginary “portrayal” of events on January 6 couldn’t be further from the truth.  Mace concluded her interview by offering these sobering words of caution:


“I own facts and not fiction. We have to be honest when we are telling these stories because otherwise if we’re dishonest and exaggerate these claims, then it waters down the truth and authenticity of everyone else that has shared their stories to this date. And the American people deserve to know the truth, and the truth is the Cannon Office Building (the actual location of AOC on January 6) is a 7-10 minute walk away from the Capitol dome where the violence was happening where five people did die on Capitol Hill. And so, for AOC to politicize this kind of event in the way she has is disgusting, and no one should tolerate it. I’m certainly not going to.” (Nancy Mace - FNC – February 4, 2021)


This story line should be kept simple and precise.  AOC lied about her entire experience on January 6.  AOC attempted to turn her imaginary experience into a self-serving portrayal of her fake bravery and fake courage. AOC proved, yet again, that she is both a political fraud and a psychologically unstable individual. In short, this type of “politician” is a dangerous person in tenuous times like these. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

EA News Alert:  Mike Lindell to release seminal docu-movie “Absolute Proof”


Feb 5, 2021: MyPillow CEO and American patriot Mike Lindell announced the release of a 3 hour documentary movie (Absolute Proof) highlighting the theft of the 2020 US Federal Election.


This historical documentary will formally unveil a complete and fully integrated analysis of all evidence that media and state courts refused to hear and acknowledge before, during and after the US federal election.  Absolute Proof will cover everything from the diabolical role played by Dominion Voting Systems to the nefarious Hammer & Scorecard techniques used to hi-jack the results of the American election.  Stay tuned for more cable TV details and alerts regarding a docu-movie that should be everyone looking for the truth regarding the theft of the 2020 US election. 


EA Must-Watch Cable Movie: ABSOLUTE PROOF

Warning Signals from Canada’s Brand of Emerging Socialist Authoritarianism


Feb 4, 2021: You won’t see it on the morning talk show or in the evening news. Video footage of police officers patrolling church parking lots and writing down parishioner’s plate numbers for defying covid lockdown orders and having the gall to attend a Sunday mass service in order to follow religious traditions.

Nor will you see reported the account of how Nikki Mathis, a mother of 3, was detained by the police at the airport in Edmonton, Alberta. Authorities transferred Mathis to an undisclosed quarantine facility under protest and in spite of having been tested negative for Covid 19 just 4 hours earlier in Dallas, Texas. The incident resembles the tactics seen in communist regimes such as China and North Korea where officers refuse to identify themselves and disclose their intentions.

With Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent 600 million dollar media bail-out package to be distributed over a 5 year period, it’s not surprising that reporters conveniently fail to question or challenge Trudeau’s authoritarian policies. The conflict of interest is palpable and consistent with the corrupt mainstream media patterns seen all over the world.

A new wave of oppressive restrictions and fines are approaching Canadians at lightning speed as Trudeau calmly (and smugly) promises to keep Canadians safe while parroting the WHO’s canned script and messaging suggesting all of this tyranny and over-reach is for the protection of Canadians. Ironically, some of the most vocal Canadians opposing these draconian measures are immigrants from Communist Russia, Poland and other countries that have been ravaged by similar forms of socialism and communism. They rally in major cities across the country, passionately warning the public of the looming darkness about to enshroud their great country.

Sadly, these first-generation Canadian patriots (who witnessed the corruption of former authoritarian governments stripping their own citizens of God given liberties) are quickly arrested and their loudspeakers are forcefully unplugged and removed from the city squares across the country. Oh how Canada has digressed in a mere 12 months.

What will it take for Canadians to recover their rightful position as free citizens in Canada and oppose the corruption that no longer hides under cover but rather presents itself in the form of political frauds and politicians beholden to the orders, instructions and agendas of global power brokers and international magnates? Canadians watch, in shock, as tools like Justine Trudeau and Premier Ford masquerade as Canadian leaders as they sell out our country (and its future prosperity and sovereignty) to the interests of a global agenda. Doug Ford, the Conservative Premier of Canada’s largest province, has transformed from a conservative into Trudeau’s personal “goon” recently proclaiming “ I will come down on businesses who defy the emergency measures like an 800 pound Gorilla.” With this said, it appears that covid is not the only contagious virus going around; it also appears that Trudeau’s socialist and dictatorial form of “leadership” is spreading throughout Canada and within the provincial government ranks.

Only days ago, an anonymous whistleblower leaked the following questions that will form the basis of planned campaign research. From these questions (listed below), it is clear the federal government is testing the tolerance for Canadians to surrender even more personal rights and freedom by permitting greater levels of government control.
- Do you support or oppose the government suspending civil liberties, rights and freedoms for the duration of the pandemic?
- Do you support or oppose police being authorized to establish vehicular checkpoints to question drivers and occupants to enforce compliance with Covid measures?
- Do you support or oppose police and health officials being authorized to separate family members by removing people from homes and housing them somewhere else if infected with Covid-19?
- Do you support or oppose fining or jailing those who spread disinformation about Covid-19 by questioning the existence or seriousness of Covid-19?
- Do you support or oppose the establishment of Covid-19 isolation centers where people who are found positive of Covid-19 could be taken to protect themselves and others from Covid-19 during the pandemic?
- Do you support or oppose the government compelling cell phone companies to provide data on users for the purpose of enforcing compliance with Covid-19 emergency measures?

The Canadian government has been underhanded in its covert and manipulative efforts to exploit polls and surveys to elicit “outcomes” that will support greater degrees of government overreach and martial law. You do not have to be a brain surgeon to connect the dots – Trudeau is using trickery to lead Canadians into self-inflicted forfeit of their personal freedom and independence. As a freedom loving patriot, I hope to awaken not only my fellow Canadians but also alert my American friends about the perilous path that comes with a socialist and globalist leader like Trudeau. Evil is rising like a sandstorm in the desert and it seems to be a common threat around the world where socialism and communism is infiltrating and ensconcing itself at alarming rates. By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC): A Portrait & Pathology of Fraud & Cringeworthy Drama


Feb 4, 2021:  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) recent “dramatic” recount of events during the January 6 “incursion” at Capital Hill are symbolic of the emotionally and psychologically unstable nature of the DNC and its members. AOC is a case in point. After reviewing the video footage and words of AOC (a DNC Rep notorious for pathological lying, hyper-drama and the most cringeworthy displays on video), I couldn’t help but think of memories of other pathological political liars who were exposed for a similar brand of blatant lying and arrogant self-serving exaggeration.  Pathological Drama Queen and Political Fraud caught red handed - Video

Consider Hillary Clinton’s notorious (and comical) false claims regarding a Bosnian diplomatic trip (on March 21, 2008) where she spoke of her moment of courage as she arrived at the airport “under severe sniper fire.” Her recounts would have you believing she was virtually dodging bullets on the tarmac and shielding the soldiers around her with her own (large) body. According to Clinton:

“I remember landing under severe sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base in safety.” (Hillary Clinton March 21, 2008)

None of this happened! What did happen was that Clinton arrived via private jet in perfect safety, with a red carpet rolled out and a 10 year old girl greeting her with a big bouquet of flowers. This is all caught and memorialized on video and a library of still shot photos.

Turning back to the always-cringeworthy AOC, in the moments surrounding the overblown January 6 incident, Cortez claimed that her experience was “a close encounter where I thought I was going to die." Furthermore, and in her always dramatic fashion, Cortez went on to state: "I didn't even feel safe going to that extraction point because there were QAnon and white supremacist members of Congress who I felt would disclose my location and create opportunities to allow me to be hurt" (Daniel Van Boom – CNET – January 13, 2021) Of course, not only was this account egregiously dishonest and fictional, it is quite important to remind every reader that AOC was not even in the Capitol Building at the moment of the January 6 incident. The ease with which AOC lies and exaggerates is caught on film and witnesses who were actually in the Capital Building during the minor incursion have already confirmed AOC was not even in the building.

The take-away from this story is not just to understand that AOC has a serious issue with the truth and reality but also that her lies and imagination are always tied to her mission to push her progressive ideologies and personal political aspirations. She is simply another flavour (socialist flavour) of Hillary Clinton and just another pitiful progressive fraud. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

The Latest Dimension of the “New Normal”: Implanted Vaccine Packages & Digital ID2020


Feb 4, 2021:  This may sound like a title from the latest horror movie, but this is not a movie. In an article prepared by Peter Koenig of Global Research (Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization), it was announced that the German Parliament ratified the implementation of the UN’s Agenda ID2020 on January 29, 2021. The only thing more alarming than the recently ratified motion known as the “Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization Digital Agenda2020”, is the insidious detail associated with this monolithic initiative. It is doubly unsettling that a project of this magnitude, set to affect all humanity, is being carried out in the darkest corners of the darkest rooms by a clandestine cadre of the world’s most dubious and most doubted characters.

Highlights of GAVA’s AgendaID2020, should stop every single person in their tracks:
- centralized electronic data collection of every citizen and database to be used exclusively by transglobal government agencies, police and private sector interests
- the database will capture intimate details of every citizen with over 200 points of information to be captured initially
- in time, the system data capture will be extended to bank account details, shopping habits, health records (with an emphasis on vaccination status) and political inclinations / affiliations
- Agenda ID2020 was specifically designed by Bill Gates as part of the “vaccination package”
- The Gates “vaccination package” is fully backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), a triumvirate collectively known as the Vaccine Alliance
- GAVI is a uniquely structured public-private partnership, where the WHO and WEF for the public component while powerful private interests like the Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture, J&J, Merck and the Gates Foundation
- The major pharmaceuticals have developed vaccines that consist of, in part, nano-particles that are electro-magnetic (EM) radiation accessible (consider the science of 5G and 6G here)
- The ID2020 agenda includes the vision for vaccine implants that are remotely accessible via EM based technology (including EM robotics, algorithms and computers)
(sourced from: Implanted “Vaccine ID” and GAVI’s Digital Agenda2020; Peter Koenig; February 3, 2021)

Similar efforts are underway in Switzerland where the same players are involved. Other European nations are charting similar paths with similar urgency. And around the world, other nations and their citizens are bearing witness to similar activities that are raising many serious concerns.

Although Gates’ Digital Agenda2020 may have the feel of an Orwellian novel, anything seems possible after 2020. We’ve seen excessive overreach by global power brokers and government agencies. We’ve noticed the conspicuous emergence of unwelcomed and unelected ruling elites secretly “unveiling” suspicious programs that most people find unsettling at best. We’ve also seen these same unwelcomed and unelected elites interfering with the workings of national governments around the world. None of these pieces are “adding up” especially when one acknowledges that these elite rogues are eliminating society’s most basic human rights while applying the force of inflexible and mandatory measures by a group of magnates most informed people do not trust at all. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

Canada has its own RINO: Behind the veil of Ontario’s Doug Ford Government


Feb 3, 2021: It was spring of 2018 when Doug Ford was elected as Premier of Ontario. Doug Ford portrayed himself as a staunch conservative bearing the slogan “For the People”. Predictably, this “staunch conservative” was widely criticized by the mainstream media and liberals alike. Ford was often thought of and compared to US President Trump and, indeed, this ‘Canadian Trump’ was by working class Canadian Conservatives. Ford aggressively pursued campaign support from the religious community, factory workers and small business owners. He promised a return to a more conservative approach to life, family and education; a stark contrast to the current Liberal Government in power that had been plagued with scandal from “back room deals” to a sex-ed curriculum for nine year old children that was explicit enough to make a grown man blush. The curriculum creator was none other than Ben Levin, a disgraced educator who was charged and imprisoned for pedophilia. The people of Ontario were ready for a change and that change came with Doug Ford’s victorious election, winning a surprising majority government.

Doug Ford’s first months in office were strong. Conservatives were mobilized and inspired, from the Home-Schooling mom to the Business Executive; the people of Ontario felt like a trusted humble family member was representing them and, most importantly, truly cared for common Ontarians.

Unfortunately, it did not take long for Doug Ford to quickly abandon his campaign promises. Promises were “softened” to suggestions, suggestions “softened” to opinion polls, and opinion polls “softened” to no change at all. A man who openly portrayed himself as a gladiator for “Truth and Freedom” metamorphosed into a spineless salamander in six short months.

And then came along Covid19 and the China engineered virus. Canadians, like others globally, followed the Government directives to “flatten the curve” and to take strict shelter in place. “We are all in this together” became the slogan of the characteristically obedient Canadian population. Then, as the rest of the world began to “open for business”, Doug Ford doubled down with his restrictions exhibiting an eerie resemblance to American Governors Cuomo (New York) and Newsom (California), two of the most loathsome, arrogant and corrupt governors in recent American history.

Ford’s crippling covid policy restrictions forced the closure of thousands of small businesses, denigrating their owners with the insulting and marginalized label of “Non Essential”. Meanwhile, Ontario’s “For the People” Premier laughed all the way to the bank as exemptions for his small businesses remained intact and thriving under privileged special allowances. Ford’s “Deco Labels and Tags” and plexiglass businesses continues to hum along as his “conveniently” well positioned businesses happened to be perfectly situated to continue their uninterrupted operations. As if it wasn’t brazen enough to simultaneously hold the positions of “Deco Lables and Tags” CEO and Premier of Ontario, Ford continues to destroy tens of thousands of small businesses (and livelihoods!) due to his excessive and unending provincial covid restrictions. Of course, through all of this feckless leadership destructive public policy, Ford continues to enrich himself and his family while his draconian policies destroy small businesses and livelihoods in Ontario for generations to come.

As such, we can all safely conclude that Doug Ford was never “For The People” but rather “For Himself”. By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett

Life in the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York


Feb 2, 2021: The following description outlines the environment of a prison facility, one that stretches the limits of the imagination of any compassionate human being:

"MCC’s treatment of pretrial detainees is truly abhorrent, unconscionable, cruel and unusual punishment … Special Administrative Measures (SAM’s) inmates are locked in concrete boxes the size of parking spaces with purposefully obstructed views of outside. The cages are filthy and infested with rodents, rodent droppings, cockroaches, and mold. There is no heating or air conditioning in the cages. There is no functioning plumbing. The lights burn brightly 24 hours per day, and the inmates are denied outside recreation, normal commissary, normal visitation, access to books and legal material, medical care, and dental care." (Disenter Substack – Kevin Gosztola - January 28, 2021)

This description defines the life of former CIA engineer Joshua Schulte. The endless and perpetual torture imposed on those held in this facility define a life arguably worse than death (complete with psychological and physical torture and unimaginably inhumane treatment).

Schulte’s crime was being accused of sharing "Vault 7" files with WikiLeaks and being charged with 13 offenses, including multiple counts of Espionage Act violations in 2018. The Vault 7 files exposed the CIA’s hacking arsenal that, in turn, targeted personal phone and computer technology. The CIA’s hacking program coined “Weeping Angel” gave the CIA access to Samsung TV’s and converted them into surveillance devices.

For this accusation, Joshua Schulte has been forced into a horrendous environment while he awaits his day in court, a day in court that remains elusive and distant. Regardless of the charges and the outcome of a pending legal process, it is difficult to think of a fellow American being treated in this way on our very own American soil. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

Is Canada becoming “CHINADA”?


Feb 2, 2021: Canadians are enduring the most severe lockdown measures in the world with restrictions so draconian they can only be compared to the horrors witnessed in the cities of Melbourne and Victoria, Australia this past summer. As daily Covid-19 cases “reportedly” spike, Canadians sit on the edge of their seats as they roll on to week 7 of house arrest from a Government that spews unending propaganda and Canadians resemble scared mice scuttling about wearing 2 face masks (as per public health suggestions).

Small businesses crash, gyms are locked up and restaurants forced to close. To ensure our children are kept miserable, the outside skating rinks have been covered with sand and gravel and fines are issued for tobogganing. In addition to this utter nonsense, the Province of Quebec has nightly curfews enforced; in spite of a virus that has a 99.8 % survival rate. As Canadian's basic rights are being completely stripped, the silence is deafening as most Canadians appear to be terrified of their own Government. Perhaps its the mandatory Quarantine Centers being enforced on those who dare to travel outside Canada or the account of a young man and woman who were thrown into jail and endured 4 days of solitary confinement for attending a protest against the lockdown measures. Canada’s Socialist approach to governance resembles nothing more than a mere flickering ember as Communism raises its monstrous head through the creation of “snitch lines “ for nosey neighbors who spy on and accuse their own neighbours of defying “Provincial Lockdown Orders.” These fictitious and baseless “Lockdown Orders” are being enforced by un-elected bureaucrats and wreaks of enslavement whilst completely ignoring “The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” Law enforcement is much easier when the public blindly and obediently police each other.

To be honest, all of this feels like a bad movie. We are experiencing a government that has weaponized itself against its own citizens by means of unconstitutional constraints. We have all noticed a virus that mutates as quickly as the next public health puppet who imposes restrictions on a mentally exhausted public witnessing the pervasive and self-inflicted loss of Canadian businesses, livelihoods and autonomy.

Any person with 2 living brain cells on duty has to wonder what the true agenda is behind a virus masquerading as a serial killer. Those who spoke of a looming “Great Reset” 10 months ago were quickly denounced as “Conspiracy Theorists” and, yet, this past September Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was exposed by Tucker Carlson of Fox News for explicitly stating that the Covid 19 Pandemic was the means to usher in the “Great Reset” during a video conference with the United Nations.

The U.S.A need only to look to their northern neighbors as they embark on their own journey with a President who is nothing more than a Globalist Puppet. A puppet who has signed more executive orders and squashed more jobs than any other President in American history in just a matter of weeks. By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett

A Case Study in Covid Health Policy Tyranny: Canada’s PM Trudeau Imposes a $2k Covid Tax on Canadian Travelers


Feb 1, 2021: As part of EA’ focus on international news developments, this story should capture the attention and concern of citizens around the world. In a brazen socialist move, Prime Minister Trudeau has introduced a $2,000 “fee” for any Canadian who elects to travel outside of Canada (effective immediately). This “mutation” of Canada’s already impotent covid health policy is nothing more than a blatant tax grab hiding under the veil of feigned public health interest. Make no mistake, this is strictly an egregious tax grab introduce by an obstreperous socialist leader. As every socialist leader will exclaim, “never let a good crisis go to waste”.


In addition to the ongoing Canadian covid health policy perfidy/treachery and sweeping government overreach, Canadian travellers are now required to pay “more than $2K” for new mandatory COVID-19 hotel quarantine measures (January 31 / Global News – Andrew Russell). Trudeau’s latest socialist warpath includes where he has announced sweeping draconian measures on non-essential travel includes the suspension of all flights to sunny destinations amid the CCP coronavirus pandemic. The healthy Canadian winter tradition of escaping a freezing climate for personal and family wellness has been stolen as a result of this latest round of covid health policy abuses.

Ironically, these draconian health measures/restrictions/penalties are most severely felt by the lower income groups within the Canadian population as they have far fewer mitigating options available and much less disposable income needed to endure this covid health policy nightmare – a bogus health policy that has become nothing more than an perpetual excuse to eliminate jobs, small business and many of the most important pleasures in life (like wellness based travel and basic human rights).

Spoken like a true global socialist, Trudeau claimed, “With the challenges we currently face with COVID-19, both here at home and abroad, we all agree that now is just not the time to be flying.” Trudeau went on to say, “By putting in place these tough measures now, we can all look forward to a better time in the future, when we can all plan vacations at some point in the future.” Accordingly, Trudeau has ordered the cancellation of all flights to warm weather international destinations until April 30. Given Trudeau’s well-established and pathological pattern of slow rolling, perpetuating and intensifying covid health restrictions, no self-respecting Canadian believes any timeline or commitment being “promised” by Trudeau at this point.

For Canadians already abroad and expected to return in the coming weeks and months, these travellers will be forced to present an official negative COVID-19 test result and will also be forced to quarantine for three days at a “designated facility” at their own expense and regardless of the covid test result (all of this in addition to the standard 14 day “at-home” traveller’s quarantine restriction already in effect). Canada’s Public Health Agency (PHAC) has been funded to “enlist” private security firms authorized to strictly enforce the 14-day mandatory quarantine and conduct in-person compliance visits. Trudeau is adding $2 million in funding to G4S Secure Solutions and Paladin Risk Solutions in order to increase Ottawa’s choke hold on Canadian citizens – one can only wonder how many ties Trudeau and his family have with these well funded security companies. Trudeau’s new private “covid gestapo” clearly represents a severe form of martial law imposed and hidden under the camouflage of excessive public health policy restrictions. It is time for all citizens of the free world to ask themselves “can this happen in my country and will I accept this form of totalitarianism?”. The time is now to fight back against this tyranny! By: Extremely American Colin Wright  

WSB Market Mania: Following a stolen US election, the populist battle takes a path to Wall Street


Jan 30, 2021: As the subreddit WallStreetBets (WSB) story unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear that its origins come from a broader phenomenon called Populism.  For those unfamiliar with the term, populism is a political philosophy based on the rights and interests of common people and their ongoing struggle against a diminutive, privileged and powerful ruling elite. In this sense, populism transcends traditional political boundaries and defines differences in terms of class (rather than left-right politics). Analysts and casual observers to this “David vs Goliath” battle on Wall Street have been drawing comparisons to Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party movement, the MAGA movement, blatant 2020 election fraud and several other recent events underscoring a clear class struggle between “common people” and an increasingly exploitive and manipulative ruling elite. 

The shared characteristics between these past populist events and today’s WSB equity market mania include:


-        Grass root actions inspired by rage

-        A movement powered by a nostalgia for better times from the past

-        Unabated community willingness to embrace the risk associated with the movement

-        Festering evidence of system rigging and exploitation by the elite class

-        An elite class directly linked to the “baby boomer” generation (in the most negative of terms)

-        Unfair and partial application of rules and regulations in favour of the most elite

-        Pervasive and intense distrust of the media

-        Technology applied as an equalizer and an effective way to level the playing field

-        “meme-ification” and viral spread of the message and the movement


The entertainment value of this battle between a perennial underdog and unlikeable favourite beats anything that anyone could ever see in today’s fake news or predictably lame Hollywood productions. The WSP GameStop saga is truly a bigger-than-life class battle between eager students and praetorian stewards, between motivated amateurs and cagy professionals, and between enraged rebels and smug Wall Street insiders. For Wall Street investors, this development is a loud reminder of how social media can dominate our lives. In the same way Twitter changed the world of news and politics and Instagram changed fashion and entertainment, Reddit and the WSB community are now playing a transformational role in the evolution of equity markets. (Daily Investment – January 29)


Recent days have shown us that the usual suspects (Wall Street insiders, institutional traders, regulatory bodies, DC bureaucrats, pro-establishment politicians, social media, big technology and mainstream media) are rapidly conspiring to protect their “sacred turf” and quell the upstart WSP community. But WSP and its brand of populist enthusiasm should not be underestimated. To quote Nomura’s Charlie McElligott from remarks made on January 27: “The Reddit / WSB GameStop investment crusade has become an emboldened populist movement, garnering support from the disruptor/influencer spectrum including the likes of Elon Musk, Chamath Palihapitiya and Cameron Winklevoss — unironically all billionaires themselves”. From all of this, it should be concluded that the GameStop WSB story is only a fraction of a much bigger picture and certainly not a one-off event. This “Cinderella story” is fueled by a mixture of fun and moral cause and should remind all of us that strength of community, cause and conviction can prevail over anything, including an overly privileged and exploitive elite.  By: Extremely American Colin Wright

The Reddit Rebellion: WallStreetBets "Outsiders" teach the Wall Street "Insiders" a valuable lesson in trading & populism


Jan 29, 2021: Before attempting to understand the micro and macro elements of the GameStop (GME:NYSE) story, it is essential to understand the basics of “short selling” in the equity markets.  Short Selling (also referred to as “selling short,” “shorting” and “going short”) is a trading technique that leverages the sale of a security, investment or financial instrument that the short seller borrowed initially in order to execute a short sale (in other words, the short sale involves the sale of the borrowed security in anticipation of making a profit by repurchasing that same security after its price has fallen). The short seller believes that the borrowed security's price will decline thereby creating an opportunity to buy back the security at a lower price for a profit. The difference between the price at which the security was sold short (‘borrowed”) and the price at which it is repurchased represents the short seller’s profit (or loss, in the event that the security’s price rises after the initial short sale date).


A related and equally important concept to understand is referred to as a Short Squeeze. A short squeeze occurs when a shorted stock/security jumps sharply higher, forcing traders to repurchase their shorted stock/security at a loss now in order to prevent even greater losses in the future. The scramble (stampede) to buy back a failing “short” adds exponential upward pressure on the stock's price thereby compounding the damage to the short sellers.  Short seller panic ensues as the theoretical maximum loss of a failed short is unlimited (where the maximum possible loss equals infinity minus the price at which the stock was sold short). 

With this as a basis of knowledge, the GameStop (GME:NYSE) story can now be placed into proper context. Consider this: 148% of available GME stock was sold short (known as the “short interest”) mostly by institutional traders including hedge funds - this is a massive ratio and represents enormous exposure in the event that the GameStop stock price rose. As the share price of GameStop unexpectedly rose dramatically, institutional traders and hedge fund managers panicked because (1) rapidly rising GameStop share prices produced mounting losses and (2) brokers demanded immediate repayment of the borrowed stock at dizzying high prices. The catalytic moment in the GameStop story occurred when the hedge fund named Melvin Capital got “caught short” and scrambled into a panic mode when an army of over 2 million subreddit WallStreetBets (WSB) members/retail investors poured into GameStop by buying long positions in the stock (thereby driving the stock price up quickly and dramatically!). The panic felt by Melvin Capital soon spread to many other major institutional traders and hedge funds locked in the GameStop short as the subreddit WSB investment community ballooned to over 4.2 million members (by January 28th) resulting in yet another surge in GameStop long positions and its price.

The GameStop plot thickened when “Wall Street establishment firms” like Citadel* and Point72 conspicuously infused more than $3 billion to bail out Melvin Capital (*It should be noted that former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellin was paid over $810,000 by Citadel for “speaking engagements’ from 2019-2020). On January 29, the situation reached a fever pitch of corruption when Robinhood (an online brokerage firm) blocked retail investors from trading GameStop and other heavily shorted stocks (NOK, AMC, BB) – a clear manipulation and SEC compliance violation. This rogue maneuver by Robinhood clearly interfered with the operation of what should be a strictly regulated market and covertly protected Citadel, a multinational hedge fund with a vested interest in Robinhood. Ken Griffith (Citadel CEO) and Wes Moore (Robinhood CEO) should both be hauled out in front of the SEC to explain their clear violations.

And amidst these conspicuous actions of Wall Street’s powerhouses is a little known, under-estimated investment group called WallStreetBets (WSB). As WSB slays the Wall Street juggernauts by beating them at their own game, WSB finds no fair company within media, financial regulators or the government. Indeed, the establishment is placing their crosshairs on this humble group of retail investors and” regular every-day” Americans. As this story unfolds, you should ask yourself the following questions. Why is the SEC not addressing the clear SEC compliance violations of the banks, trading institutions and hedge funds? Why is the mainstream media throwing its full support behind the Wall Street powerhouses and not the common retail investor? Why is Biden and his illegitimate administration remaining so quiet? Why is the WSB right to buy shares (in GameStop or any other stock) being prevented by financial institutions? The answer in each case will point to the emergence of American populism and its threat to the wealthy and powerful establishment. The GameStop story is far larger than a singular investment victory or event in the stock market. It is a reflection of a growing and intensifying battle between American populists and the ruling elite of America - immensely transcending politics and equity markets. By: Extremely American Colin Wright.

Slaying the Big Tech Dragon: Ten Steps to Online Freedom, Privacy & Security


Jan 28, 2021: Over half the planet’s population has experienced hostile censorship and control tactics from mainstream “Big Tech Dragons” and, in time, everyone will have suffered at least one form of tyranny from these online ideology-obsessed bullies. This article could easily go down the path of describing the countless egregious examples of FaceBook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Amazon and Apple’s efforts to censor, manipulate and “cancel” their subscribers – but this story line has already been well documented, and most people have a clear understanding of the “fascist” tactics being deployed by these dominant tech monopolies. In this article, we will introduce promising and rapidly growing options available that will allow people to break away from the chains of these repressive tech giants and rediscover the dream of online freedom, privacy and security. 

Recognition for much of the technical content in this article must be assigned to a fantastic privately operated website called (founded by Sven Taylor). The website offers an objective, well structured and comprehensive collection of information allowing its readers to easily navigate and assess online applications that (1) promote independence from the big tech monopolies and (2) provide solutions that allow for far greater online freedom, utility, security and privacy. This site covers every key online theme ranging from email to browsers to secure messengers to search engines.

In order to structure and prioritize the multitude of options available, consider the following ten themes as a good way to start to organize your thought process and begin your migration away from the monopolistic tech giants:

1) Browser – Firefox or Iridium

2) Search Engine – MetaGer or Swisscows

3) VPN – NordVPN or Surfshark

4) Ad Blocker – Ublock Origin or AdGuard

5) Secure Email – ProtonMail or Tutanova

6) Secure Messenger and Social “Hangouts” – Signal, Telegram, Threema or Wire

7) Video Hosting – Rumble, BitChute or PeerTube

8) Document Sharing – CryptPad or MailFence Documents

9) Photo Gallery - Piwigo

10) Password Manager – NordPass or Bitwarden

It should be noted that the quality and variety of online possibilities are growing and changing by the day. The ideas presented, here, offer an excellent prioritized set of options that will improve your online freedom, utility, security and privacy. Simultaneously, the migration away from the tech monopolies will absolutely loosen their “choke hold” on society. Each of these outcomes are cause for real and exciting optimism.

Oddly enough, this article has nothing to do with politics or ideology. It has everything to do with free speech, free thought, privacy, and control over your own data and livelihood. Those who have already been victimized by the big tech oppressors and bullies require no explanation. Those who have not yet been burned by “the breath of the tech dragons” would do well by becoming familiar with alternative online options. By taking a methodical “one-step-at-a-time” approach and utilizing information portals like, everyone can re-establish what everyone deserves: reliable online freedom, utility, security and privacy.  By:  Extremely American Colin Wright

CCP Salivates: Biden puts US Power Grid System at severe risk with new executive instructions


Jan 27, 2021:   It is a rare moment when American citizens witness something that is simultaneously shocking, damaging and predictable.  A forever illegitimate and incoherent Biden managed to accomplish this rare oxymoronic feat of “anticipated damaging surprise” on January 20 as he stumbled, bumbled and mumbled his way through a raft of 17 disastrous executive orders.  In his “river” of executive order rubbish was buried a Biden executive order to rescind an existing Trump program aimed at preventing foreign countries from meddling with and sabotaging the US power grid.  With Biden’s decision to rescind the measures in place to protect the US Bulk Power System (BPS), Biden instantaneously undermined the security of the US power grid by opening a door for unencumbered interference by nefarious foreign regimes (such as the CCP).  

Trump’s BPS Order: “Specifically prohibit any acquisition, importation, transfer, or installation of bulk power system (BPS) electrical equipment and integrated solutions by foreign adversaries” (May 1, 2020)


Daily Energy insider Dave Kovaleski (May 2020) emphasized “The BPS is clearly vital to America’s energy security, supporting national defence, emergency services, critical infrastructure, and the economy. It encompasses the facilities and control systems necessary for operating an interconnected electric transmission network and electric generation facilities needed to maintain transmission reliability.” If you are asking yourself the question “why would Biden ever remove national BPS protection”, you are not alone.  Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson offered this question to Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki (on January 26) as the journalist and viewing audience was met with the sound of “crickets”, a non-response and a look of utter confusion on the face of Psaki.  This moment should be etched in the nation’s mind as the “paper tiger’ Biden administration looked microscopic in size and utterly incompetent in the moment.


And while Biden and his party feign their interest in national unity and governmental cooperation, it is ironic that Biden rescinded a BPS executive order that was intended to directly authorize the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Homeland Security Interior, Director of Intelligence and other key federal agencies to unite and integrate their efforts to carry out the responsibilities of the original BPS Trump order.  Instead, Biden stared at a pile of 17 destructive executive orders on January 20th, mumbled the words “I don’t know what I’m signing”, and proceeded to undermine national security and prosperity with the stroke of a slow-moving pen held by an illegitimate president well into advanced stages of cognitive decline.  This whole scenario should draw the immediate attention of every single American and elicit a question as to whether these recent executive orders signed by Biden are legal given his current cognitive status.  By:  Extremely American Colin Wright

Impeachment: the sickening manifestation of "Cancel Culture" in American politics


Jan 26, 2021:  As the House of Representatives officially deliver baseless and unconstitutional Articles of Impeachment against President Trump for a second time, one can only ponder the vagrant path we find ourselves on.  One thing is certain, the Democrat Party (aided by their clandestine RINO accomplices in the Republican Party) have, for all intents and purposes, shredded the US Constitution in theory, in spirit and in practice.


Nine (9) House Democrats have been assigned as "prosecutors'' (political thugs may be a more accurate term of use here) and "stewards" of yet another destructive round of kabuki theatre .. to be on shameful display in the Upper Chamber in the days ahead.  The pack of Democratic prosecutors pasted on their grimmest faces (something they are very good at!) as they ceremoniously slow-marched through the US Capitol and presented the Senate with another bogus, baseless and laughable Impeachment Article.  

With sleep-inducing Senate Pro Tempore Patrick Leahy assigned to preside over this fraudulent and egregiously unconstitutional trial, the coming antics and histrionics are sure to yield nothing less than another predictable Democrat failure and media-feeding carnival atmosphere in the Capitol.  The irony of all this senseless political drama is that it flies in the face of the insincere calls for unity from an illegitimate new president, a demonic Democrat Party and a feckless collection of underhanded RINO's.  With this said, at what point do the nation's citizens (across all political party lines) demand that their representatives stop this obsession with political pranks/stunts and turn their focus in the direction of the nation's true needs and interests?  By:  Extremely American Colin Wright

Dr. Anthony Fauci's intimate role in the Gain-of-Function Covid Disaster

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 8.17.31 AM.png

Jan 26, 2021:  For over a decade, there has been a clandestine and interminable 4-way tango between Dr. Anthony Fauci, the WHO, the CCP and the notion of "gain-of-function".  To many, this statement may seem innocuous and underwhelming .. but this is far from the truth.


Gain-of-function (GoF) in viral research is a high-risk field of biological study aimed at intentionally engineering, manipulating and increasing the virulence and lethality of pathogens and viruses.  GoF researchers and global health agencies insist that this precarious branch of biological research better positions our scientists and medical experts to defend society against the possible emergence, mutation and spread of deadly pathogens and viruses (where they may occur organically, accidentally, or intentionally).  This branch of biological study engineers and mutates the most deadly viruses possible (specifically exploring the potential for human infection) in order to advance the development of treatments and vaccines capable of controlling such deadly pathogens in times of pandemic outbreak.  

It is difficult to conclude what is more annoying: (1) watching politicians glibly disregard their own covid policy rules or (2) observing masses of humanity incapable of even a basic level of intellectual curiosity and skepticism in the face of pervasive covid health policy “irregularities and inconsistencies”.  Consider the following sample of everyday observations and ask yourself how pure is the “science” of covid:

- politicians consistently disregarding/breaking mask wearing and mandatory lockdowns

- subjective definition and application of “essential services”

- partial treatment favoring the application of covid rules for Fortune 500 companies

- shifting and inconsistent application/definition of covid health metrics conveniently “leveraged” to support the interests of politicians, their political agendas and their “required political outcomes”

- mysterious, ever-changing and non-transparent explanation of testing criteria, metrics, guidelines, and covid health policy best practices


To cite the most recent example of unconscionable covid science hypocrisy, Chris Donaldson of Trending Politics (January 24) commented on the WHO’s conveniently timed announcement that thresholds for positive covid test (PCR) thresholds were to be “magically loosened” (a mere 48 hours after the illegitimate Biden inauguration!). More specially, note the following changes to PCR WHO thresholds:


(A) Original PCR WHO Threshold - 1 PCR test result plus the presence of 1 clinical symptom

(B) New PCR WHO Threshold - 2 PCR test results plus the presence of all clinical covid symptoms


This is yet another egregious example of a “covid science” that is inextricably tied to the interests and agenda of progressive and globalist politicians and bureaucrats.  From all of this, it is easy to conclude that our covid health “science” follows a path specifically designed by political leaders and an agenda far greater than the science of health. And, thus, when we are told to “follow covid science” we are actually being told to follow the science of politics!  Extremely American Exclusive by Colin Wright 

Kamala Harris: A Deep Dark History


Jan 25, 2021:  As the nation endures seemingly endless lockdowns and misguided efforts to “hide’ from the microbial CCP virus (using cheap disposable cloth masks), there are ominous clouds of corruption forming around the illegitimate and unholy Biden-Harris “partnership”.  Especially intriguing is the foolish sycophantic fawning and over-hyping of Kamala Harris, a career politician notorious for dark political corruption, rampant prosecutorial abuses, and immoral opportunism.


Unfortunately, the long and pathological history of Harris’ dirty prosecutorial and political career is far too difficult to cover in detail in this short article.  However, it is possible to provide a high level review of milestones and “signals” that should trouble even the most loyal of shameless Harris sycophants.  As is often the case with most dirty career politicians and DC swamp rats, the “fog” around Harris’ dubious past is complex and difficult to simplify.  Even exceptional authors like Peter Sweitzer had to invest many pages of many chapters to present an understanding of the diabolical political path traced by Harris (Sweitzer’s recent publication Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite is highly recommended for those concerned about the ingrained and pervasive patterns of systemic corruption and abuse of power within the DC establishment).

As a platform to defend her career long pattern of corrupt and immoral transgressions, Harris is renowned (by anyone even remotely familiar with her judicial and political career) as an obnoxious bully renowned for her exploitation of race relation tension, racially “malleable” self-identification and unabashed use of the gender card to defend her self-serving agenda and interests.  Perhaps the best way to start to gain an understanding of Harris’ toxic past is to categorize her dubious history within the following categories (specific examples of violations are cited):


Pattern of Political Corruption

- 1994 role in the cover-up regarding the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)

- 2003 charged by the San Francisco Ethics Committee for egregiously cheating the city’s finance laws

- 2007 guilty of direct involvement in the Moonlight Fire Lawsuit Scandal (Orange County, California)

- 2010 involvement in the massive $200 million Herbalife lawsuit scandal (causing enormously negative impacts on the Hispanic community)


Prosecutorial Abuse, Wrongful Convictions & Cover-ups

- 2007 abuse of authority as California AG to unlawfully extend jail sentences of thousands of prisoners in order to deploy these same prisoners as cheap labour during the Moonlight Fires

- 2015 direct role as California AG in wrongfully sentencing an innocent man (George Gage) to 70 years in prison (a decision “motivated” for nefarious reasons)

- 2019 authored and pushed a Californian justice reform act resulting in jail sentences for 2,000 low level marijuana offenses (ethnically targeted)


Immoral Opportunism

- 1990’s - a 29 year old Harris engages in a filthy affair with a 60 year old notoriously dirty politician (Willie Brown) in order to secure 2 commission appointments

- 2014 / 2015 / 2018 “flip-flopped” on her position regarding police body cameras to suit her political needs at the time

- 2020 Harris directly accuses Biden of being a racist and sexual predator during the Democrat Presidential Candidate Debates


In summary, we can look to the words of Monica Showalter of the American Thinker (June 2020) to capture the essence of Kamala Harris:  “This is a foul, dirty prosecutor, both in her position as district attorney of San Francisco, and later in her position as attorney general of California”.  We should expect the very same patterns of egregious corruption, abuse of power and extreme immorality in her coming years as an illegitimate vice president.  Extremely American Exclusive by Colin Wright 

CCP Covid Health Policy:  A “Science” defined by Politicians & Bureaucrats

Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 12.51.21

Jan 23, 2021:  Over the past year, the world has experienced the imposition of an alarming form of “covid martial law” underscored by its outrageous application and irregularities.  To those who are “aware” of the world around them, the disproportionate and inconsistent application of this unpleasant form of covid martial law has been both shocking and infuriating.  Power hungry politicians and bureaucrats have been quick and fierce in laying down the hammer of martial law compliance while conveniently not holding themselves to the same draconian standards imposed on others (“good for thee, not for me” is in full effect).  (Read More)

For Years Democrats and the Far Left Media Called for Violence and Murder of Donald Trump 

LastShareCollage 8.jpg

Jan 23, 2021:  For YEARS Democrats and far left thought leaders called for violence and murder against President Trump, his family, and his supporters.  They weren’t shy about it. And their supporters loved and cheered the calls to violence.


Since protesters stormed the US Capitol on January 6th the mainstream fake news media continues to report on the incident as a “terrorist attack” and “insurrection” acting as if this horrible event was the worst act of violence in Washington DC history.  Democrats forget that they were cheering violence against President Trump and his supporters for 4 straight years.  Source: The Gateway Pundit

"Predator in Chief" Biden:  Where is the outrage and where is the compassion?

LastShareCollage 3.jpg

Jan 23, 2021:  A lifelong sexual predator is now in the White House with the help of mainstream media, social media giants, Hollywood and a collection of powerful international corporations.  Of course, this cover-up was aided by the nefarious Washington DC establishment forces that conspired to steal the 2020 election from President Trump.


In a January 22 Daily Newswire article written by Ian Haworth, Tara Reade (former Senate Staffer to Joe Biden) commented on the overwhelming forces used to cover up her unimaginable experience involving Joe Biden back in 1993.  According to Reade, Biden "used his power and resources with certain media to erase and silence me". In what is considered by many to be the official death of the "Me Too" movement, ongoing outrage over the treatment of Tara Reade continues to percolate.  Unfortunately, the claims of sexual assault against Reade remain thwarted due to the coordinated cover-up by media, social media and the Washington political establishment.


In a twist of total hypocritical irony, Kamala Harris made this comment regarding victims of rape and sexual predation (in April 2020): "I believe them and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it".  Unfortunately, Harris' words don't come remotely close to matching her actions (or, in this case, inactions).  Harris, like Hillary Clinton before her, clearly doesn't support women's rights and protection when the ferminist cause interferes with her selfish political aspirations.  In summary, we now have a diabolical duo in the White House consisting of a sexual predator (Biden) and a sell-out to the rights of women (Harris).

Biden's fight against violent domestic terrorists is targeting America's finest Patriots


Jan 23. 2021:   In an act of sweeping treason and tyranny against America's most patriotic and law abiding citizens, Biden and his illegitimate administration have initiated an attack on anyone and everyone opposing Biden's destructive anti-American agenda and twisted "progressive" (socialist/globalist) ideology.  


In a brazen act of deception and manipulation, Biden and his team of thugs have instructed the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and his National Security Advisors (NSA) to lay the groundwork for an unrelenting attack on American patriots and law-abiding conservative citizens. As a fictitious basis for this attack on more than half of America's citizens, Biden and his accomplices will leverage the January 6th "false flag" event to fabricate a license to harass, intimidate and severely harm patriots across the country - an interesting plan given Biden's dishonest and insincere claims that he is seeking national unity.


If Biden was truly sincere about attacking anything resembling "violent domestic terrorism", he and his team would pursue the unrelenting, unlawful and vicious crimes perpetrated by mainstream media, social media platforms, the entertainment industry, and a host of corrupt political leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell. If blame for the January 6 incident is to be assigned, Biden should look no further than Pelosi and McConnell for their criminal and treasonous role in exploiting national tension, fake media and manipulative social platforms to incite violence.  Look no further than these guilty parties (establishment politicians, media, social media) to identify the nation's true domestic terrorists.

The Dire Consequences of Biden's Executive Orders and Attack on Texas

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 12.10.15

Jan 22, 2021:   Red States under assault


  • No positive economic / employment benefits

  • Elimination of key traditional employment segments

  • Erosion of US strength and prominence globally 

  • Emphasis on the managed decline and de-industrialization of the US

  • Provocative "de facto" war declared on Texas, other Red States and Rural America

  • Destruction of national security

  • Advancement of perverted social programs that attack traditional values

Biden's American Dream on Inauguration Day: Images of Snakes, Flakes and Tanks


Jan 21, 2021:   The immorality and hypocrisy of a monumental flop of an illegitimate inaugural "celebration" was on high display January 20.  The "inauguration" was vividly marked by a collection of society's most loathed politicians and Hollywood clowns. The occasion was rare for all the wrong reasons most notably because it is highly uncommon to find this much arrogance, immorality and mendacity concentrated in such a small area.

To accentuate this most offensive display of society's greatest collection of miscreants and fraudsters, there was an ever-present and brooding military atmosphere throughout the entire "inaugural" event.  The imagery is a harbinger of the authoritarian rule our political parties have in mind for us.  This, alone, should shake every citizen to the core and inspire all citizens to challenge both political parties for their menacing and threatening posture across every dimension of what should be a free and peaceful society.

The photographic collage (above) offers several unsettling images of the DC snakes and Hollywood flakes we've come to associate with the immoral, arrogant and "privileged" Obama/Biden inner circle, Welcome to Biden's new America!

Boom 💥 Biden holds a 13% YouTube approval rating on Day 1 of his illegitimate "installation"


Jan 21, 2021:   Day 1 of Biden’s illegitimate inauguration landed him a disastrous 13% YouTube viewer approval rating. These appalling approval ratings reinforce the notion that most Americans know the federal election was brazenly stolen and that the “myth of 80 million Biden votes” is dark comedy at best.  Not surprisingly, Biden’s disastrous approval ratings on Day 1 are perfectly consistent with a wholly unattended, apathetic and lame inauguration event.   As of 7:47am EST on January 21, a molecular sized figure of 412,995 tuned into YouTube to watch the Biden “inauguration parody”.  The YouTube interactive results were equally humiliating for Biden as he “earned” a staggering 26,000 thumbs-down (versus a practically invisible 4,000 thumbs-up).


Of course, as these statistics trended in the same direction exponentially, Youtube was quick to disable the comments section due to an avalanche of critical comments calling out the theft of the federal election and the obvious illegitimacy of Biden and his corrupt administration/regime.  Click here to learn more details concerning YouTube‘s conspicuous reasons for disabling their Biden inauguration comments section. (Click here to read more)

Anti-American Liz Cheney to be challenged by conservative Anthony Bouchard

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 8.50.55 PM.png

Jan 20, 2021:   Arrogant establishment swamp rat and fraud Liz Cheney to be challenged in the 2022 Republican Primary by a true conservative patriot Anthony Bouchard.


Today, Wyoming state Senator Anthony Bouchard officially announced his primary challenge against RINO Liz Cheney for the next midterm elections.   


RINO Cheney is House Republican Conference Chair which is the third highest ranking position in the house republican leadership.  Daughter of long time “Bushy” and war monger Dick Cheney has consistently distanced herself from her conservative Wyoming constituents, President Trump and American patriots.  Wyoming legislators from Carbon County have unanimously voted to censure Liz Cheney as a result of her tactics to subvert and malign conservative patriots. 

House Member Green to file Articles of Impeachment against Biden

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 12.30.09

Jan 20, 2021:   Freshman House Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) will introduce Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden on January 21, 2021 on the grounds of Biden's excessive abuse of power and disgraceful violations of constitutional law.


Biden has been justifiably described as a Chinese operative due to the dubious ties he and his family have with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Hunter Biden's computer hard drive provides the purest evidence of the nefarious ties between the CCP and the Biden crime family syndicate.  Informed Americans are perplexed by the CIA, FBI and DOJ's obvious ploy to cover up the conspicuous and damning contents of Hunter Biden's laptop.. 


Biden's impeachment will take many twists and turns due to the scandal-plagued Biden crime family.  EA believes that the movement to impeach will not gain the support of the media, big tech, and the establishment.  Regardless, the fraud and collusion associated with elements like fake media and toxic establishment politicians does not change the fact that Biden is, and always will be, illegitimate and a fraud.

The DNI unveils the role and tactics used by the CCP to “install” Biden

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 11.21.59

Jan 20, 2021:   China directly interfered in the 2020 US election according to an official report issued by the Department of National Intelligence (DNI). According to the report, CIA management applied severe pressure and over-reach on lower level analysts by insisting evidence related to China's blatant and egregious election interference be ignored.


The Ratcliffe report was signed on January 7th 2021 and objectively exposes the level of pervasive and subversive corruption aimed at President Trump throughout his presidency.


Ratcliffe states "Based on all available sources of intelligence .. the People’s Republic of China sought to influence the 2020 U.S. Federal elections".

(Click here to Read Ratcliffe Report)

McConnell participates in and leads the second fake impeachment effort


Jan 19, 2021:   In a statement intended to insult and incite the Trump base of approximately 100 million patriotic Americans, Mitch McConnell blamed President Trump for the choreographed and overstated January 6th “insurrection”.  McConnell has made his false and slanderous statements in spite of knowing ANTIFA/BLM’s central role in causing the contrived “storming event” at the capital. 

McConnell's dishonest and manipulative “assessment” of the peaceful January 6th event in the Capital is a signal of betrayal and foreshadows his diabolical intention to vote in favor of a second baseless and fraudulent impeachment of our President.  Many RINO’s (where we describe RINO’s as deceitful, corrupt, feckless and fake conservatives) are expected to follow McConnell‘s lead and to cheer on their nefarious allies in the Democrat Party and Deep State.

It is clear that efforts like this second fake impeachment are intended to prevent President Trump from seeking a second term in the future - 100 million patriotic Americans see through this pathetic hoax of an “impeachment”. 

Trump seen here with three despicable and treasonous career politicians

Trump.McConnell, McCarthy,Pence.png

Jan 19, 2021:   Missing from Donald Trump's farewell ceremony will be McConnell, McCarthy and Pence who have decided to turn their back on the President of the United States and his 75 million supporters.  Many of the Republican swamp rats have made the decision to distance themselves from members of the conservative movement.


Conservatives see this as an obvious attempt to embarrass and humiliate the President and his base.  Clearly, members of the MAGA movement will continue to support their duly elected and loved President.  In the meantime, media, tech, establishment politicians, and entertainers continue to harass, censor and bully Trump supporters.


Donald Trump is expected to remain a force in politics and will return stronger than ever and backed by over 100 million loyal patriots. MAGA supporters should be aware of "gaslighting' and race baiting campaigns in an effort by the establishment to distract and undermine the massive patriotic movement defined by MAGA.  Interestingly, you cannot be censored by Facebook and Twitter if you proactively delete them and move to other superior platforms.   

General Lloyd Austin - Biden’s lame selection for Secretary of Defense

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 8.17.17 PM.png

Jan 19, 2021:   During a recent confirmation hearing, Secretary of Defense nominee General Lloyd Austin ominously confirmed that he "will work hard to stamp out sexual assault and to rid our ranks of racists and extremists."  Of course, cynics and skeptics are alarmed by the ominous and intentionally vague use of the term “extremists” where such poorly defined generalizations are being weaponized and exploited by an irresponsible and hateful collection of unhinged progressives, socialists and communists lurking in the Democratic and Republican Parties.


General Lloyd has served on the board of Ratheon Technologies for 4 full years but has committed to recuse himself from any matters that involve Ratheon.   


General Austin will require a special exemption from a rule that requires a candidate to be retired from the Military for at least 7 years prior being considered eligible to serve as the Secretary of Defense.  In ordinary times, these irregular exceptions would be difficult hurdles, however, Lloyd’s confirmation is expected to be granted given the Democrat Party’s regime has full control of the house, senate, courts, deep state and the executive branch .. not to mention an ease, willingness and arrogance to break all levels of established rule of law.

The Trumps will not acknowledge Biden, nor should they


Jan 19, 2021:   On January 20th, Donald Trump will leave Washington DC to begin his post-first term.  The President does not have plans to meet with Biden because Donald Trump does not acknowledge Biden as the President of the United States.. most Americans agree.

As of the most recent Rasmussen Poll, President Trump's approval ratings are over 50%.  Quoting polls does not make sense given the abysmal records that pollsters have racked up.  Even these biased polls show the collective rating of Congress, Senate, Media and Big Technology consistently below 15%.

Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer all have approval ratings below 10% which puts President Trump's approval rating into perspective.    

Huckabee suggests Harris be impeached and he's right


Jan 19, 2021:   Martin Walsh of the respected conservative publication Trending Politics draws on exceptional research and analysis done by Governor Huckabee exposing the constantly racist positions of Pelosi, Biden, Harris and many other corrupt democrats.


Details of the Governor Huckabee report can be found on the Trending Politics website.  Conservatives are outraged over the predictable democratic position that violence should be encouraged and rewarded as long as the rioters agree with the hostile democratic platform.


The 2022 elections will provide Conservatives the opportunity to primary (remove) weak candidates, select those with common sense values, and challenge the democrat opponents and their un-American policies.   

Two women, here, didn't "make" the Vogue Cover

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 10.45.29

Jan 18, 2021:   Today Melania Trump gave thanks to a divided country.  As expected, conservatives view her comments as classy and appropriate while the democrats view the same comments as bellicose and provocative.


Many have been quick to point out that Melania Trump has never been placed on the cover of Vogue Magazine despite her obvious beauty. This week Kamala Harris appeared on the Vogue cover dressed in a slovenly and offensive ensemble complete with sneakers, baggie pants and an oversized shirt.


Over the past 5 years Melania Trump has faced unfair criticism.  During the same period, conservatives have adored Melania and Donald Trump.  Melania Trump not being on the cover of Vogue during her tenure as First Lady is almost as outrageous and corrupt as Donald Trump not serving his second term as President.


January 21st - First Credible Impeachment Since Clinton


Jan 17, 2021:   Marjorie Taylor Greene (14th Congressional District of Georgia House Representative)  will file articles of impeachment against Biden on January 21, 2021.  MTG stated “We cannot have a President of the United States that is willing to abuse the power of the office of the Presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments, Chinese and Ukrainian energy companies”.


The democrats are expected to stifle any motion that will prove and highlight scandalous Biden family.  In recent months, dark clouds of scandal have hung and continue to hang over the Biden crime syndicate.  Adding an immediate impeachment to the already scandal plagued family will likely increase that level of tension in the nation's capital.

In the mean time, President Trump has declassified documents that will draw attention to the roles played by the FBI, CIA, DOJ and the Obama administration.   These agencies engaged in election interference, fabrication and suppression of evidence, and abuse of power.

Dems to push to institutionalize voter fraud

Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 9.30.50 PM.png

Jan 16, 2021:   Biden and John Lewis are promising to loosen voting laws in an effort to make voting easier for those who don't have or are unable to obtain physical identification.  According to Biden and Lewis, the state laws that require voter identification are deemed to be unfair to minorities.

Francys Johnson, chair of the New Georgia Project's board, described the movement to oppose mail-in ballots as a "white supremacist effort."

The democrats contend that election integrity is used by republicans as a dog whistle claiming that the term "election integrity" means voter suppression and discrimination against black voters.  Republican led state legislatures in Florida and Texas are angling to slow down the use of "no excuse absentee voting" because of the widely held belief that the practice leads to rampant voter fraud.  

CNN complicit in Jan 6 insurrection - two terrorists busted


Jan 15, 2021:   Disgraced CNN "reporter" (activist) Jade Sacker with co-conspirator John Sullivan are seen, above, being interviewed by unhinged liberal CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

CNN, Jade Sacker & John Sullivan have been accused by several unnamed high level officials as having caused much of the violence in Washington on January 6th, 2021.


CNN's Jake Sacker - lead conspirator of Jan 6 Insurrection  


Jan 15, 2021:    Last night we learned that CNN plotted with John Sullivan of the far left radical organization known as Insurgence USA.  The role that CNN has played in participating fomenting and inciting civil unrest across the United States of America.  


New damning footage proves that CNN and members of its staff including Jade Sacker and CNN operative John Sullivan were involved in a scheme to incite and cause violence at Capital on January 6th, 2021.


It appears that CNN and Insurgence USA were determined to undermine and deceive the American population by masquerading as Trump supporters.  Anderson Cooper provided the CNN platform to perpetuate the CNN/Insurgents USA "storming" of the Capital.

Obama bag "woman" appointed to USAID


Jan 14, 2021: Biden names Samantha Power as his nominee to head the United States Agency for International Development.  Power will be instrumental in perpetuating Obama's failed policies of the past (from 2008 to 2016) and a continuance of the same failed policies.

Power has proven to be an extremely important strategic piece to Obama's failed legacy because of her intimate knowledge and participation in multiple cover-ups including the Russia hoax, spy-gate, and the Benghazi scandal.


Power lied to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in 2017 by claiming that she never sought to unmask NSA Advisor Michael Flynn.  This lie was exposed in now declassified documents from the NSA that reveal Power requested, on at least 7 separate occasions, a demand to unmask General Flynn between November 30, 2016 and January 11, 2017.

Source - National File

The Creep - also addicted to censorship


Jan 14, 2021:   Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey was caught, again, by Project Veritas imposing his political values on his employees.  Dorsey exploits his role as CEO in order to push his authoritarian, globalist and communist agendas.


Click the link below to learn more about the inner workings of this corrupt publicly traded company that has carved off a massive piece of it's market capitalization since making the unwise and uneconomic decision to alienate more than half of the American population.  


De-platforming Donald Trump, half the nation (and half the world!) and free speech has resulted in the emergence of better social networking alternatives and an energized conservative movement.


(Jack Dorsey taped by twitter whistleblower)

ANTIFA/BLM Instigate Jan 6 Capital Breach


Jan 14, 2021:   Liberal activist John Sullivan arrested, charged with participating in Capitol riot.


According to FBI agent Matthew Foulger Utah resident and anti-Trump activist John Sullivan knowing and willfully joined a crowd of individuals who forcibly entered the U.S. Capitol and impeded, disrupted, and disturbed the orderly conduct of business by the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

The Big Insurrection Lie

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 10.21.27

Jan 13, 2021:   Thomas J. Farnan offers an excellent analysis and commentary regarding the January 6th Big Insurrection Lie.  Overwhelming evidence is presented and clearly debunks the false “theatre” wrapped around a ridiculously exaggerated insurrection.  Furthermore,  the report underscores the state of a radicalized Democrat Party obsessed by (and driven to spin) baseless accusations and fiction regarding patriotic and law abiding conservatives across the country.


Please read and share the following article that objectively disproves the January 6th Big Lie and highlights the bigoted and slanderous methods of the left. 

The Divider-of-the-House .. and nation

Nancy Pelosi.png

Jan 14, 2021:   House Speaker Nancy "Happy" Pelosi is accusing the Trump supporters who peacefully gathered on Capitol Hill this week of allegedly choosing “their whiteness over democracy.”


Many members of the Republican Party point to the fact that Pelosi has a well documented history of inciting and encouraging violent ANTIFA/BLM riots and race baiting.  These riots include the ANTIFA/BLM criminal behavior that transpired this past summer throughout the country.  


In recent days, Pelosi has been busy pushing to falsely impeach Donald Trump for a second time.  Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani is eager to present evidence that will exonerate President Trump assuming the application of the constitution is done so fairly and justly - unfortunately the deep state is not about fairness and justice.


(Click this link to hear it for yourself)

Trump Leads

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 8.29.24 AM.png

Jan 14, 2021:   Biden issues another dog whistle to the racist and radical members of his party while President Trump continues to call for unity during the attempted coup.

Biden: "Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild."

Many Republicans believe that Biden's constant pandering to the left on divisive issues will only harm a county that is already deeply divided. In the mean time, Donald Trump continues to highlight the remarkable economic growth experienced in the United States despite the massive economic dislocation caused by the CCP Virus.


10 Losers.png

Jan 14, 2021:  The names of these ten RINO’s deserve our immediate and unrelenting attention:


Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, John Katko of New York, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington, Fred Upton of Michigan, Dan Newhouse of Washington, Herrera Beutler of Washington, Tom Rice of South Carolina, David Valadao of California, Peter Meijer of Michigan.


The first primary challenger patriots can actively support is Tom Norton of Michigan.   Tom Norton is already campaigning against RINO and never-Trumper Peter Meijer.  Tom Norton offers a platform that is far more consistent with conservative and patriotic interests, values and needs of constituents in Michigan’s Third Congressional district.  This is a call to action to support Tom Norton in an effort to remove traitor and RINO Peter Meijer. 


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