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A Case Study in Covid Health Policy Tyranny: Canada’s PM Trudeau Imposes a $2k Covid Tax on Canadian Travelers - Continued


In addition to the ongoing Canadian covid health policy perfidy/treachery and sweeping government overreach, Canadian travellers are now required to pay “more than $2K” for new mandatory COVID-19 hotel quarantine measures (January 31 / Global News – Andrew Russell). Trudeau’s latest socialist warpath includes where he has announced sweeping draconian measures on non-essential travel includes the suspension of all flights to sunny destinations amid the CCP coronavirus pandemic. The healthy Canadian winter tradition of escaping a freezing climate for personal and family wellness has been stolen as a result of this latest round of covid health policy abuses.

Ironically, these draconian health measures/restrictions/penalties are most severely felt by the lower income groups within the Canadian population as they have far fewer mitigating options available and much less disposable income needed to endure this covid health policy nightmare – a bogus health policy that has become nothing more than an perpetual excuse to eliminate jobs, small business and many of the most important pleasures in life (like wellness based travel and basic human rights).

Spoken like a true global socialist, Trudeau claimed, “With the challenges we currently face with COVID-19, both here at home and abroad, we all agree that now is just not the time to be flying.” Trudeau went on to say, “By putting in place these tough measures now, we can all look forward to a better time in the future, when we can all plan vacations at some point in the future.” Accordingly, Trudeau has ordered the cancellation of all flights to warm weather international destinations until April 30. Given Trudeau’s well-established and pathological pattern of slow rolling, perpetuating and intensifying covid health restrictions, no self-respecting Canadian believes any timeline or commitment being “promised” by Trudeau at this point.

For Canadians already abroad and expected to return in the coming weeks and months, these travellers will be forced to present an official negative COVID-19 test result and will also be forced to quarantine for three days at a “designated facility” at their own expense and regardless of the covid test result (all of this in addition to the standard 14 day “at-home” traveller’s quarantine restriction already in effect). Canada’s Public Health Agency (PHAC) has been funded to “enlist” private security firms authorized to strictly enforce the 14-day mandatory quarantine and conduct in-person compliance visits. Trudeau is adding $2 million in funding to G4S Secure Solutions and Paladin Risk Solutions in order to increase Ottawa’s choke hold on Canadian citizens – one can only wonder how many ties Trudeau and his family have with these well funded security companies. Trudeau’s new private “covid gestapo” clearly represents a severe form of martial law imposed and hidden under the camouflage of excessive public health policy restrictions. It is time for all citizens of the free world to ask themselves “can this happen in my country and will I accept this form of totalitarianism?”. The time is now to fight back against this tyranny! By: Extremely American Colin Wright  (Return to the News)

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