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Dr. Anthony Fauci's intimate role in the Gain-of-Function Covid Disaster

Where things get uncomfortably murky is exactly where the grotesquely lauded Dr. Fauci enters the picture.  It is well known that Fauci is the original promoter and sponsor of Coronavirus GoF through his "leadership" at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).  It is also well known that Fauci continued the contentious GoF project beyond the Obama Administration's ban on GoF back in 2014 (Fauci stealthily maneuvered his GoF obsession by subcontracting this research through the EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology from 2014-2019).  Today we can officially confirm that the origin, release and consequences of the CCP Covid virus are the direct disastrous product of Fauci's GoF project that was ultimately "farmed out" to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.


Bear this in mind as you assess the credibility and integrity of Fauci and his "celebrity appearances" on mainstream media and late night comedy.  In early 2019, over 200 of the world's top virologists urged Fauci to halt the GoF experiment (Science Magazine - 2019).  Dr. Tom Inglesby of Johns Hopkins said "We have serious doubts about whether these experiments should be conducted at all".  Dr. Marc Lipsitch of Harvard said "With gain-of-function deliberations kept behind closed doors, none of us will have the opportunity to understand how the government arrived at these decisions or judge the rigor and integrity of that process".  All of this can lead to only one conclusion:  Fauci has been reckless, irresponsible and blindly arrogant in forcing a deadly GoF experiment that has completely backfired on society and ravaged the planet.  He’s NOT a hero!  Extremely American Exclusive by Colin Wright

Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

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