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Biden's 1st Annual News Conference: "Proof of the world's most ignorant & delusional political hack"

January 20, 2022: Biden employs Covid as his reflexive and pathetic excuse for each of his failures and every power grab that has characterized his illegitimate administration during his first year of occupying the White House. By every measure, Biden and his DNC party have failed despite their attempts to hide behind Covid and an assortment of disgraceful race baiting tactics.

The first year of the failing, reckless, and dysfunctional Biden administration is covered in detail (and supported by data) in the House Republican video below. There is a good reason why 60% of the American population consider Biden's first year of occupying the White House an abysmal failure. (Rasmussen Reports, Quinnipiac Poll)

Whether you observe this teetering and stammering fool masquerading as a "leader" or you analyze the immense scale of each of his shocking policy failures, one thing is clear: "Elections have consequences, and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences."

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